What happened to the LG V40?

I am extremely disappointed with the LG V40. It had so much potential. I can’t believe they dropped the ball on this one.

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33 Replies to “What happened to the LG V40?”

  1. Chris Exynos

    main reasons im selling my v40 for a an s10+:
    no android 10 update in uk
    battery is hopeless, i mean really hopeless
    lg screen rotation is a joke, as it was with every other lg ive owned
    using the camera in auto mode is a joke, highly over saturated images
    screenshots are slow as hell, there is a delay of about 4 or 5 seconds
    screen protectors that cover the screen are practically non existent unless you get a dome for $50
    i was a long time lg user but after the v40 im afraid its goodbye LG
    samsung ftw

  2. Scott Repella

    I have an Lg V40 and this is my 2nd one as first one was defective, this is really getting on my nerve. This phone sucks, battery life, calls,text, etc. This is my 5th LG and nothing but issues that I now have to trade in this device and pay money to upgrade and get a S10 Plus. I have been trying with this phone, as I hate switching phones, but this is getting out of hand. I had the G& before this, it was ok, some issues, thought it was the service so had to switch to AT&T, and still same issue, now I am convinced it is the LG devices they just are straight trash and should be taken off the market, updates take forever while other devices get them quickly. I will never ever buy another LG Phone again they fix there issues.

  3. sampson

    As someone who owned over 500 devices in my life, from nokia 2110 brick phone till now, I can attest to you drinking too much hatorade. Yeah it does not have the world's greatest camera, but a camera is not a defining factor in buying a phone (unless you're an iphone dummie) especially when you look at ALL the great things this phone has to offer (and at about 250 USD) Thumbs way down 👎👎👎

  4. SS Bond

    I only got my V40 a couple months ago. I'm assuming there were software updates after your review, because the quality of video and pictures I get out of this thing blows my old V30+ away. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the phone today.

  5. Kevin Whiting

    Not to mention apple is using Samsung and LG for their displays the 6.4 in p o l e d display is beautiful looks better than Apples and has higher resolution than the note 9

  6. Kevin Whiting

    Some people like having multiple lenses to shoot multiple views instead of carrying lenses around with them this phone is so badass and the most underrated phone of 2018 if you haven't used it for extended time… how the hell can you even review it…you have to spend at least a week with it… iPhone are meh.. there has been several updates since the v40 came out to improve the camera

  7. WhichWhatTech

    Watching this on my LG v40 I must say I'm a Samsung user I have to keep a Galaxy in my pocket due to the fact that only use Samsung pay but I must say I am very satisfied with the LG v40 the only problem that I have with this phone is that a has a notch and no dual speakers. Other than that this phone is worth it I buy my phone's do carriers so I never paid the actual cost I got my model brand new for 699.

  8. Glass Man

    I was here with u guys trying to watch the v40 event and i was sorely disappointed with the v40 that i went and got the xs max and i didnt like that so i got rid of it and got the note 9. THAN i stumbled apon a little at&t store in a mall and i looked down and seen the v40 so i picked it up and started playing around with it. And i was amazed of everything about it. From the build to the cameras. I absolutely loved it.

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