What iOS Does Better than Android!

iPhone vs Android has been a debate for a while, here is a look at what Apple’s iOS 13 does better than Android 10! Of course, iOS is on all iPhones and Android is on multiple devices. Subscribe for more:
What Android Does Better than iOS: coming soon!

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22 Replies to “What iOS Does Better than Android!”

  1. ManCave TV

    I flip back and forth a lot from iPhone and android an honestly the Apple Watch is the only reason I still use iPhones as much because I feel android you can choose from so many more companies but all their smart watches suck

  2. Benny McKeon

    I will say this about IOS that I am "jealous" of as an Android user, and it's not specifically the operating system…
    But IOS always gets the "cool" apps before Android, and sometimes the apps either never come to the Play Store or come with less/different features.

    I know it's because IOS is simpler to develop an app for due to consistent hardware, but still… That's the main thing I personally think is what IOS has on Android. 🤷‍♂️

  3. Benny McKeon

    Watching this from my Huawei phone running EMUI 10.1, I noticed that many of the things IOS does better are things that my phone does, too.

    I would like to propose "Option #3" 😎

  4. YouWatchWernitat

    I dont care who are better they are better as how they are im a apple and android user to and im happy that i have both of them with the iPhone i can do good photos an dout on instagram and face book and the android one i do videos and i play games bc it have more storage so if u have both of them is very good

  5. Lytrix15

    The thing with Android is you can download apks, and you can get up to 12gb of ram in just a phone while iphones only go to 3-6gb ram. Android has less restrictions. More personalizing of your phone.

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