What is the best Android One smartphone in Malaysia?

The Android One revamp was something none of us saw coming, but boy did it come to the delight of stock Android lovers. Suddenly, you had access to phones with great specs and a clean stock Android experience. But, in Malaysia, your choices are a little limited. That being said, there are still a couple of gems you should look out for, as Rory and Amin explain.

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  1. Brian

    I think at some part of the show both get confused with Launcher and ROM. Android one is stock ROM. Meaning it's not just the skin (launcher), it is setting and application deep.

    A good example would be like Mi A2 is on stock Android ROM. While u can install Google now launcher on xiaomi or Huawei device, that will give u the stock Android feel and UI. But settings wise, its still on MIUI rom. ?

  2. Na'im A.Bakar

    NEED HELP ! i want to buy the Nokia 8.1…beatiful design, android one, amazing camera, snapdragon 710, RM1700… but then there's the pocophone f1…the poco would be a no brainer if it doesn't have issues like touchscreen ghosting issue, light bleed , easily crack screen…but now I'm stuck…should I go with the poco which only good in raw power or should i get a more premium but less powerful nokia??

  3. iAM ONe

    Personally for me i rather downloading 3-5 apps that i frequently use than having a bunch of unused app in the system. Even if you don't use them but there are some apps that running in your memory and it will kill you slowly?

  4. RedXuan

    I would easily pick up Mi A2 without any hesitation. I'm a bit of Android enthusiast myself and love customising my phone to absolute madness (xda is my best friend! ?)
    Having Android One is a really, really game changer for me as it guarantees two year of OS upgrades. It's easier to customise because customising skinned Android can be a pain in the ass. Future Android version also might bring new features that is normally only can be achieved by third-party apps or rooting on older version of Android. I love trying out these features.
    On top of that, I am a bit paranoid about security. Having guaranteed updates is a bless for me.

  5. Detox

    3:35 the Google pixels are not actually stock android. they have their own skin, the pixel launcher. android one in the other hand is fully stock with 2 – 4 bloatwares that exist to match the device's hardware (eg. ir remote)

  6. Anas Mirza

    Android One is a big thing few years ago bcs OEMs skins like Touchwiz, MIUI and ColorOS are just too bloated and heavy.

    Nowadays, the software and UI has evolve. Touchwiz (now called Samsung Experience/One UI) is a lot smoother. MIUI is feature-rich than Stock Android/Android One.

    The only reason why you should buy Android One device is for the security patch. In theory, Android One device should get frequent security patch every month.

    Other reason probably is if you prefer Stock Android UI over OEMs UI. But thats not a problem for me as I can flash custom rom and get that Stock Android feeling.

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