What is Xiaomi? | CNBC Explains

Xiaomi became one of the world’s largest smartphone makers in just four years. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi explains how the tech titan came to be called “China’s phoenix.”


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34 Replies to “What is Xiaomi? | CNBC Explains”

  1. Nehco Oahnait

    I use MacBook Pro 2018, Surface Pro 4, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Air, Apple Watch, Mi Band 2, Mi 4, Mi Wi-Fi Repeater, Mi Router Pro, Mi TV Box 3, Mi Ceiling Light/Bedside Light, Mi Smart Plug, Mi Smoke Alarm, Mi Natural Gas Alarm, Mi Internet Gateway and Mi Smart Air Conditioning… I’m not exactly a balanced user


    Just like Samsung which builds almost everything from military tanks, weaponry, hospitals, everything inside hospitals, all kinds of electronics, optics, have a Samsung city, and even builds automobiles (not sold in the USA), did you fools knew Samsung makes automobiles like Honda, Toyota, etc…? Well Xiaomi is getting there but what I like soo much about Xiaomi is that all of their products and products that slap their brands are ALL HIGH QUALITY at such a very cheap price! I just bought some of their Xiaomi signing pens that are amazing as their refill ink tanks are made and designed in Switzerland. Some of their amazing tech cannot be found nowhere in hell in the USA. That just shows how the lame ass US is 10 years behind from the rest of the world! Thanks to the interweb, we all get a chance to see and buy these products at ease!

    Oh by the way, yes their beautiful cell phones are top notch but not as much as Huawei's kick ass very powerful, manly and beautiful slick cell phones!

  3. liz

    I really regret not buying a new phone when i was in Tel Aviv in the xiaomi store. We dont have it here in Germany and the prices there were good 🙁

  4. Random Nava

    Xaomi crushes the saying " you need more money to buy a better product" .
    Watching this my POCOF1 .
    Snapdragon 845
    6gb ram
    Adreno 660
    64gb + expandable ( hybrid)
    Unlocked (dual sim )
    4000mah battery
    Quick charge 3.0
    12mp+5mp back
    16mp front + ir camera for legit face unlock
    All this under $400

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