What is Xiaomi Doing – December 2018 – MONSTER EDITION (part1)

BACK with a MASSIVE episode of “What is Xiaomi Doing?!” – the 2018 MONSTER edition!
It’s been a long time coming, but I will keep up with these from now on. Let’s GO!

00:00 – intro
00:15 – Xiaomi x IKEA partnership
00:45 – “One” Smart Doorbell/ Camera –
01:31 – Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorlock –
02:20 – Loock Smart doorbell camera
03:24 – Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Conditioner
04:27 – SmartMi Electric heater –
04:35 – SmartMi Smart electric heater
05:25 – TownNew Smart trashcan –
06:02 – Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fan
06:41 – SmartMi – Smart Electric Fan
06:56 – SmartMi – Bidet toilet Seat
07:06 – TinyMU Smart Toilet – Seat
07:28 – WhaleSprout Smart Toilet Seat –
07:50 – TinyMU Smart Ai toiletseat –
08:15 – Xiaomi Mijia Smart Alarm Clock –
08:28 – Xiaomi Powerbank/flashlight –
08:51 – Yeelight – Smart Light Bulbs V2 –
09:05 – Yeelight LED strips –
09:05 – Yeelight LED strips extension –
09:25 – Philips E14 Smart Light Bulbs –
09:40 – Aqara Smart LED bulbs –
10:02 – Aqara Smart Hub / Homekit bridge –
10:32 – Xiaomi Mijia PTZ Ai camera –
10:56 – Xiaomi Mijia PTZ camera –
11:20 – XiaoFang 360˚ Smart camera –
11:58 – XiaoWa Smart Vacuum Robot (Youth) –
12:52 – RoboRock Smart Vacuum robot (Giftbox) –
13:20 – Deerma Carrying vacuum cleaner –
13:40 – Jimmy – Portable Vacuum cleaner –
13:56 – RoidMi Portable Vacuum Cleaner –
14:24 – Jimmy High End Portable Vacuum –
14:44 – Jimmy handheld mites vacuum –

This is part 1 of 2, and the next one will be coming up around next week!
Keep in mind that prices are subject to change. All mentioned prices are the prices in Mainland China. International resellers will add their margin for storage, shipping and handling so chances are high you won’t find the exact mentioned prices outside of China.

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48 Replies to “What is Xiaomi Doing – December 2018 – MONSTER EDITION (part1)”

  1. Ashley Wolf

    When Xiaomi decides they want to destroy your company, they’ll copy every model you have and undercut you. I’m so tempted to try out the sofa vacuum eventho I have a Dyson Fluffy V6 which has been serving me very well.

  2. C.k. Chan

    when you check the links on the product suddenly the price went minimum doubled on gearbest from $174 in china to $390 when you order at gearbest ( not sure if its including import tax but guess not )

  3. Simon Naughton

    Great video, thanks for the update.
    I can speak to the quality of the RoidMi vacuum. I backed it on indiegogo and paid something like AUD$400 for it. I don't have a DysonV8 to compare it to, but it is stronger than the V6. I would warn that the total run time is less than 10 mins on the highest suction setting.

  4. Roman Semenov

    You should make a Patreon page. Maybe the community of smart home enthusiasts is not large enough to make profit from view count, but there are a lot of people who want to support content creators.

  5. Danieloncarevic

    I'll leave a comment in hope that someone using Xiaomi Smart Home might give me some insights…

    I've been thinking about getting a bunch of Smart Home products from Xiaomi/Mijia but the main reason for not doing so is the hassle with the chinese plugs, adapters and all related to that which makes everything more complicated, less neat etc.

    However, I decided to give it a go and start with the light setup. I'm in the process of getting the gateway (I see there are many versions and types available) and some lights. But I'm not sure which lights can work with a gateway as I always see them reviewed separately and controlled through the app, not so much with sensors and switches.

    For example, the ceiling light (I didn't see it reviewed on this channel) seems like the best bet for me but I'm not sure how would that work. Can I automate it with the sensors and switches? Also, there are many version available from the induction ceiling light which I can find for about $30 all the way to the very thin and stylish one which costs about $150. I would like to get a bunch of them (almost for every part of the apartment which is about 10 pcs) so I want to make sure what I'm getting before ordering.

    What about the Yeelight bulbs? Can they be controlled with the sensors and switches through the gateway? That would be like a back-up plan in case the ceiling light doesn't fulfill my preferences.

    I'd appreciate any comment and advise on the matter.


  6. phrubala

    Hi. Xiaomi should make some sensors like Netatmo – wind, rain and implement it to Mi Home. It is something that is still missing in portfolio

  7. Peter W

    Xiaomi has been nothing but disappontments. I bought my first AND last one Redmi 5+. Along with it, I bought a pair of headphones, some charging cables and a power bank, all from an official MI home store. All except the headphones kept breaking. I exchanged them several times within the warranty period. The main thing is the phone, of course. In the beginning, it was ok. Then it started shutting out of programs, lagging during different applications, even when using high speed Wifi. Even when running its built-in programs, like the Optimizer, it would stall and I would have to shut the phone down and reboot to have it running again. When typing, I often get numbers instead of letters (using Google keyboard). Other than exchanging my broken accessories, I have brought my phone to be repaired multiple times. They fix some of the issues and claim that other issues are due to third party software. I believe it is their altered user interface MIUI and maybe hardware that is causing the problems. I have had other brands of smartphones and haven't encountered ALL these problems before. By the way, when my phone was being repaired, they did not have an option of a loaner phone!

    Also, their customer service center used to be one of their retail outlets. Back then, customers were able to use the bathrooms. Since it became a service center, the bathrooms are no longer accessible to customers. They have a drinking water dispenser, but most of the time the 5 gallon jug is empty. When I informed customer service, they replied it wasn't their responsibility.

    Yes, the price for Xiaomi's goods are very attractive and the specifications of its phones seem like great value. However, the quality and service is very lacking.

    I strongly suggest to stay away from this brand.

  8. Yuan Gao

    I found that the smart toilet seat is really popular in northeastern Asian countries like China Japan Korea but not many western countries' families are using it.

  9. Sascha G

    Hey. There is a AI Doorbell with and without the receiver at Gearbest. Will the camera or the bell work with the xiaomi gateway in this case?

  10. Rohin Aggarwal

    Hey, thanks for the video. 2 qns re smart doorbell camera – 1) I presume it’s made for outdoor placement? So waterproof / climate-proof? 2) when is it shipping? Thanks!!

  11. Martin Soler

    Am interested in the Smartfans but can’t seem to find them being sold anywhere. Not In Gearbest not AliExpress. Any ideas?
    And huge thanks for an awesome video!

  12. Spencer Liao

    Hey xiaomify, great video! would like to check if the products in xiaomi's crowdfunding section only available within China? can i order if i'm located overseas?

  13. Riaan Opperman

    I hope someone can help me. I would like to know the maximum distance between the Xiaomi gateway and the other Xiaomi devices. Also, how would walls affect that distance. I am not sure if they communicate through WIFI or bluetooth? I am been trying to find out the distance for a while and no one can help me.

  14. Matthew T

    Great update thank you. Do you know if the original xiaomi controller will get an upgrade to support Apple HomeKit? Or do we have to upgrade to the Aqara version?
    Seems like the aqara version doesn’t support all of the Xiaomi products though? Any help would be great.

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