What Is Xiaomi Doing?! – January / February 2019

YES! Yet another new episode of “What is Xiaomi doing?!”. In this episode we have got many Xiaomi and Mijia branded products; let’s go!
00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Xiaomi Play –
01:03 – Redmi Note 7 –
02:08 – 75” Mi TV –
03:06 – Mijia photo printer –
04:19 – Mijia desk lamp PRO –
05:08 – Yeelight QI charger
05:46 – Yeelight Celling light / heater –
06:52 – Viomi Ceiling light / heater
07:50 – Xiaomi Xiao AI HD –
09:24 – Mi Laser Projector 4K –
10:40 – Aqara Curtain Motor B1 –
12:16 – Mijia Laundry / Dryer combination
13:07 – Mijia WiFi Heater
13:58 – Bluetooth headphones “Air” –
15:29 – Collar headsets –
15:39 – LoFree black set
16:36 – Watertap motion sensor
17:31 – Mi Pressure Cooker
18:01 – Mi Rice Cooker (1.6L) –

40 Replies to “What Is Xiaomi Doing?! – January / February 2019”

  1. Luuk Willems

    Hi I don’t know If you can help me. I have a “stupid” dimmable ceiling light. If i change my regular light switch with de Aqara wall switch will i be able to control it in a smart way and still be able to dim the light?
    As well do I need the gateway?
    Last question is it possible to use the Aqara motion/door sensors with my Hue lights?

    I hope you can help me, thanks in advance!

  2. polanskiman

    All this is good and nice. Question remains. When will they fixe their China mainland/International servers features discrepancies. Just such a PITA.

  3. Charis

    Hello!! Is it true that Aqara European gateway will accept only sensors and products purchased from Europe? I hear that this is already happened and that means that Xiaomi will lock us on Mainland China server for ever.

  4. Kumar Nishant

    Xiaomi has truly no respect for patents, original design, environment or anything for that matter. The shamelessness with which they copied airpods after all the other products is mindfucking. Their products barely last which shortens the replacement time, they are a burden on environment.

  5. Jake Soriano

    Just bought my first xiaomi product. The bedside lamp and I can't connect it to my mi home app. Get 2 checks when installing device but always get the "bring closer to router" error. I brought it closer but still the same error. Changed region to mainland but still no luck. Was wondering if you had a solution or experienced this ? so frustrated

  6. Symphonial

    Thanks for great work !
    I am quite interested by the ceiling heater/fan which is quite cheap !
    And I may but a Redmi note if I go to China, because the pink edition is just stunning !

  7. Mister Motel

    So many things get Wifi without actual normal day use for it. A rice cooker for instance, youll need to put in the rice and water anyways so why would you then use your phone to turn it on. your already using it.

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