What Koreans Think About "Apple VS Samsung" [Korean Bros]

“Do Americans know that Samsung is from Korea?”

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All about what Koreans actually think about Apple and Samsung!

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46 Replies to “What Koreans Think About "Apple VS Samsung" [Korean Bros]”

  1. Cat Merchant

    All the basic bitches use Apple. Still using my note 5 in 2018 and it's still perfect because Samsung doesn't slow down their old phones. Also love my customisation

  2. Amirah Syazwani

    Both brands have pros and cons. But I can't stand all these iPhone users who don't even know iPhones capabilities and instead using trivial reasons like better IG stories, emoji etc as to prove why iPhone is better lol. These people who keep trashing Androids probably have never even touched yet used flagship Androids. And you know some people did go broke just to buy an iPhone so that they can be 'classy' even when they can get equal or even better quality phone with cheaper price. People need to remember that expensive doesn't equal to best. Apple is winning for their MacBook tho. That thing is a very powerful device.

  3. Lime

    Can we ask korean what they think about chinese brands? Huawei and Oppo pretty famous in recent years. I also wonder if they know Pixel phone exist which is also a US brand.

  4. GingerPandemic

    I love my Samsung Note8. I had an iPhone once, but never again. I don't care for Apple much. Everything is way overpriced, and the technology is usually a year behind Samsung anyway in all the things I care about. I do hate Bixby, though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. daizaria

    I personally love Samsung because I like Korean and I get a lot of cool useful gadgets right out the box without having to buy the stuff separately(like apple does). I recently got the s10 and loving it so far! I was also an apple user but I hated how restricted it was when it came to customization. I love showing my creativity and being able to show my unique side. I've had used iPhones previously, and over time it just got boring to me. Me personally the iOS is the same every year and I want to make my money worth wild inside of mostly getting the same functions with a few tweaks. With Samsung I just feel like I'm getting more with my money.

  6. Casca52

    I used to use Apple but now I use Samsung Galaxy, they are basically the same to me function wise so I went with the less expensive one. I dont own a computer and just do everything on my phone too, it does everything I would need a computer for.

  7. Annie C

    I'm always on the fence about switching to iPhone, but the comment section reminds me why Samsung is better lol. Less likely to crack, more customization, longer battery life, and the camera quality has improved drastically after the s6 was released. I will say the J series sucks (currently using the J7 and it lags and camera quality isn't great), so I'll probably upgrade to another Galaxy soon.

    Hopefully one day iPhone users will get off their high horses and realize that not only does Apple buy some of their parts from Samsung, but that you can do a lot more with Galaxy phones. And the only reason why Samsung videos look crappy on Snapchat or IG stories is because apps are too lazy to code for phones that aren't Apple and compression. Compression is affecting most phones nowadays too because I've seen some blurry stories from "high-quality" iPhones. And lastly, who cares about the damn blue and green bubbles, they're just text messages lol.

  8. Hwan

    한국 스마트폰시장에 애플점유율이 20%도 안되고 삼성이60%를 넘어가는와중에 어떻게 인터뷰하신분들은 애플이용자를 더많이 뽑았는지…

  9. Hail-Falcor

    Depends on what you want. If you want basic, easy to use, good quality then use Apple. If you want something that you can extremely personalize, complicate and change go for the androids.

  10. Carolline Melo

    Here in Brazil I think that Samsung is a lot more common because of the price. I used to have an iPhone, but I bought my first Samsung ever, a Galaxy s9, and I'm serious in love with this phone.

  11. dee dee

    Ask Apple users how many Samsung parts are in it. I laugh because they are using Samsung as well and don't really know it. But I guess it comes down to software. I won't use Apple because of how much packaging waste is used. If you saw how they came in from overseas you would understand why Apple charges so much. Nahhhh I just don't like Apple in general

  12. Chelsea L

    I prefer Samsung because 5 cars drove over my phone going 50mpr and it only cracked the screen slightly. I still used that sucker for 2 years after it happened. My friends iPhone shattered when it fell onto the carpet.

    Though Bixby sucks. I prefer google

  13. Eric

    If even Koreans don't support their own products, how do you expect them to do well overseas? 미국사람들은 미국산 쓰고 중국사람들은 중국산 쓰고 일본사람들은 일본산 쓰는데 한국만 다르네요. 강한 나라들의 특징을 보면 자기나라에 대해 자부심이 커요. 한국을 정말 사랑하는 입장에서 보니까 정말 안타깝네요. 한국 젊은 사람들은 자기나라의 제품을 얼마나 훌륭한지 알게 됐으면 좋겠어요. 그리고 한국산을 지지 했으면 해요. 안그래도 한국이 미국이나 중국이나 일본보다 인구가 작고 핸디캡이 큰데 말이에요. 한국말이 서툴어서 미안합니다. 한국 화이팅!

  14. Erwin

    I used Android phones, switched to Apple and was done with them after 2 years, happily switching to Samsung. The Apple environment is so restrictive and complicated.

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