What Koreans Think of Apple (vs Samsung) | ASIAN BOSS

The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general South Korean population.

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47 Replies to “What Koreans Think of Apple (vs Samsung) | ASIAN BOSS”

  1. Asian Boss

    The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of Asian Boss or the general South Korean population. And no, we were not sponsored by either Samsung or Apple to make this video. Which brand do you prefer to use? Discuss.

  2. Anesu Thabede

    3:20 Don't you dare say Apple displays are better than Samsung Displays. We are the One's who make your displays, and without Samsung you would be Nothing. NOTHING!!!!!

    It is very obvious that Samsung makes the best displays


  3. Taekmin Gang

    I'm from China…
    Samsung has become from 1st to 1% here,
    due to its after service and development of Chinese smartphones
    I'm using galaxy note 8 only because its special function.
    I also hope that Samsung goes on to compete with Chinese manufacturers… to improve together.

  4. ira umi

    In my place, Apple users are mostly for people to show off their wealth (even they're not thar rich probably monthly installment for an Iphone) .

  5. Sr. Baldo

    Ngl all this heated rivalry between iPhone vs Samsung/Android, is only caused by Samsung/Android users who are simply haters that believe that skepticism equals intelligence, and are very loud about it, but iPhone users are mostly very quiet, respectful, they just say that they preffer iOS , they are used to it, they like how it works and how optimised it is, and never complain towards Samsung/Android users, unlike them that keep telling them dumb, slow, old…

  6. JustCatherine

    I’m South Korean and I honestly believe that apple is better. I just think it’s more modern and looks more pleasing. And since I used apple for a long time I think it is more comfortable. I believe more older people use Samsung more because it is more convenient and could use it right away. For example, you don’t have to make a Apple ID or something

  7. TheBlack AndWhite

    Wow…. I thought all of them probably hate Apple since they are Korean, but they seem don’t care much about the drama “Isheep vs Samsuck”.

    Meanwhile on internet, it like a war in here…!

  8. Tee Jay Are

    Samsung basically let Apple do all of the difficult, time-consuming ideation and design, then copied(ripped off) everything. The whole contemporary smartphone idea and aesthetic is Apple’s. It is amazing how all of our phones look and feel like Apple’s design, and we continue to say we have real copyright laws. I hate Apple and their approach to closed architecture, but everyone has ripped them off over their history again and again.

  9. DarkMatter311

    I can't tell you how many times my Samsung galaxy S4 mini has fell or thrown and it's still functioning

    I wouldn't say it functions that good but if it was iPhone, say goodbye lmao

  10. DragonHeadz

    In my country malaysia..samsung smartphone is no 1..huawei and oppo near to come close to beat samsung but in here many people only used huawei and oppo around 4 to 7 month..after that they sold they phone and buy samsung..especially buy 2nd hand samsung galaxy flagship..that mean if this year they cannot by galaxy s10..they will buy next year because the price for 2nd or new phone will drop after a year..for Apple brand only who want show off,will buy it..For me from 2011 until now,i only prefer galaxy flagship..now i used galaxy s8 plus..maybe this Mac or April i want change to S10..hahaha

  11. Jimmy Hyun

    I don't like either. Samsung's software sucks. Apple is greedy and shady with their battery slowing down nonsense. Stock Android is superior.

  12. teaduey sings

    I hate apple because after 4 years my ipad air 2 volume button is stuck and i cannot press it then my mom's iphone 6 is hanging and erroring. I like samsung because of: the looks and style, samsung edge, didn't crack so easy and because i am asian. I am using samsung s8 for 2 years now

  13. Beth Beth

    And for some reasons, yes apple make even better than samsung but you people are not tired of using that same kind of phone each time apple releases a new product same as old design they've just got add a bigger screen and some features is that how would the future phone should be.

  14. Beth Beth

    For me samsung phones has their own quality and awesome designs compare to other phones not just they inventing but they are innovating for some reasons that may not other phones can give. Samsung make their own brand base upon peoples experiences,look how samsung is different from others this phones seem to be the phone of the future for its innovative capability ang its own features

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