What the HECK are "Blockchain Phones"? A look at the Top 5 choices!

Blockchain smartphones are a new thing in the crypto world that’s become more and more prominent these days. But what exactly are they and are they just a marketing buzzword? Well in this video Fez takes a look at what all features are usually present in blockchain phones (i.e. crypto wallet, cold storage, dapp store, digital identity storage, and more) and also shares his thoughts about the need for such a feature set. He also compares and contrasts 5 of the top blockchain phones in the market: the HTC Exodus 1, Samsung S10, PundiX BoB, SIKUR phone, and the Sirin Labs Finney. Do you own a blockchain phone? And if so what are your thoughts on it? Also if you don’t own one, would you ever consider buying one? Let us know down in the comments below!

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21 Replies to “What the HECK are "Blockchain Phones"? A look at the Top 5 choices!”

  1. Nicolás Servidío

    The Samsung cannot even be considered a blockchain phone. HTC Exodus has an integrated hardware wallet, it is a chip that can be seen on the back of the device. Your big problem? It is not removable. This piece should be modular, so you don't need to change the phone and have different integrable hardware wallets. The Pundi X BoB is a marvel, Function X is a revolutionary blockchain that works like a CryptoInternet, a New Internet, an "Internet Blockchain", but does not bring built-in hardware wallet and is only a prototype. Its advantage is that it can run in two modes: conventional Android mode and Function X mode, the version of Android developed by Pundi, which is much more secure and private to use your wallets. The problem: no company is producing it and it does not have an integrated wallet hardware. The Finney is wonderful because it has an integrated hardware wallet, similar to a KeepKay or a Trezor, that can be hidden inside the phone. It is not just a chip like on HTC. The problem should be a removable hardware wallet, in case you want to leave it at home, change it, use it outside the device through a USB input (eg, on another device), and the Finney does not bring an alternative operating system to Android; It should bring it, an OS for conventional daily use and another super-secure OS for crypto and for "Blockchain Internet", as in Pundi X's BoB. Is it difficult to integrate all these features? Not at all, I wonder why no one has done it yet. It is a millionaire idea. Such a phone at $ 800 would be more than fine, because you're paying for the phone and the hardware wallet. A blockchain phone should include a 400 GB Micro SD slot that allows you to have your full-nodes right there; versions with the micro SD, versions with the empty slot to acquire the SD separately… it is very easy to integrate all this in a consumer handset. Then comes the issue about specs, that can be completely variable depending on the demand of the users: weaker, more powerful … For example, I would go for a rather weak and more affordable one since I am not interested in high-end devices.

  2. Maury Ballstein

    I've had the Finney since it released. When you could only buy with BTC. Love it but lately it's been giving me problems. Plus I dropped it yesterday and the entire back shattered. The front glass is 100% perfect and I'm not careful with it. I'm thinking of switching to the Exodus 1S of the 1. Not sure what I'll do. Anyone looking to get a Finney I say do it. The Dapps aren't that great and I got $25 in free coins but I haven't got an airdrop in awhile. I was able to secure coins safely on the hardware wallet. Convert coins right on the phone through the wallet is a great feature. Phone never gets hot and the battery life is all-day and I use it a lot. At this point I just want something new and I'll keep this as a backup. Hit me up if you have questions.

  3. Espen Reynell

    Just buy a trezor, or simular cold storage. Or even better, don`t care about storage anymore, and get in on #nxs. Fastest blockchain out there, scale problems solved, no wallet.dat file to worry about. Just log in like you log in to your netbank, and your in. Mining & stake coin, sigchain and so on. Testnet running now, head over to nexusearth.com and DYOR, join nexus slack/Tg group and get intructions how to play around with the testnet before it gets fully released in 3-4 weeks.

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