What Will Android One Mean For Us? – Android Q&A


Jayce talks about what Android One will mean for the next 5 billion smartphone users!

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26 Replies to “What Will Android One Mean For Us? – Android Q&A”

  1. Joaquin Maidana

    I will mean google is expanding its botnet in order to have everyone tracked so they can then sell the information to the federal government, the idea is to have everyone using the same os on thier phone, enabling mass tracking and super targeted ads, it will mean your privacy will be sold to the corperations, the time to act is now, google already knows what you eat for lunch……..

  2. Diljith Dileep

    Mobile data in India was so bad when I went there during summer vacation and it was literally 100 times slower than my home WiFi router (which isn't fast, like at all)

  3. Kim Jong Un

    I had the canvas a1 from Micromax . It still remains as one of best phones I've ever used . Now I use a Lenovo device with much better specifications .But it sucks big time

  4. MrBroxMan

    I was like, Android L? then i scrolled down. Its been almost 4 years… Oh. Also, Phones are cheaper now compared to 4 years ago (you can even buy android phones below $50)

  5. hari pn

    My Android one smartphone Micromax Canvas A1 had a boot loop issue when I flashed the stock ROM again it just died I took it to the service centre they said it cannot be repaired but my friend bought Moto e 1st generation at the same time for almost the same price and his phone is still working fine also second generation of Android one in India was manufactured and sold by Lava an Indian manufacturer with super low quality hardware what was these guys at Google thinking but I think there is light at the end of the tunnel because the third generation has been launched by xiaomi MI A1 it has great specs great camera for the price it's the best phone but still the front facing camera is not that good and you can get Moto G5 S Plus at the same price range with the better selfie camera and it has stock Android just like MI A1 usually Moto also updates there phones

  6. Parvin Kumar

    If u dnt know about data plan nd connectivity plz check it first then make video in india there is 4g connectivity available at very cheap price in $5 Daily get 1 gb data unlimited call sms roaming for 3 month its very cheap as compare to your country if u dnt know check it out

  7. feralshad0w

    I am sorry, but you failed to answer what android one is in terms of differences to regular android…. Is it the same and the "one" is just the name of the partnership program? Or is one a stripped down or controlled version of the OS? All I see is that it is good magically making smartphones cheaper by working with hardware manufacturers… What is the difference? what exactly is android one?

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