What's New Android 8.1

Android 8.1 dropped this week in a developer preview, so we tossed it on both a Pixel XL and Pixel 2 XL to see what has changed. For the Pixel 2 XL, not much, but the Pixel phones from last year are really getting the new Pixel 2 experience.

Let’s take a look!


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28 Replies to “What's New Android 8.1”

  1. Olerius 123

    I have the lg aristo 2 i update it on new year (btw happy new year) and after it was done i saw that all of the apps are bigger then it was faster and it give me 2.35GB storage back im like YYYAAASSS QUEEN so now its faster and i can have a youtube window so i can go home and the vid is on a tiny window and its soo cool

    Edit: forgot to say i love android 8.1 oreo its AWESOME

  2. Jason King

    Ok new stuff, but is the new version laggy… or do some things stutter, what about battery life….. these are fat more important than a few new animations or extensions of the way of doing something….

  3. Del

    This may be off topic but it's a heads up. If you use Xposed on Oreo don't use the June, 2018 security patch. Xposed won't flash properly(Bootloop). Roll back to Feb security patch.

  4. WaterxDragon

    So when will other phones be getting 8.1 or will they just skip straight to P? I have an S9 and I can't find anything on update times. I assume 7 months after the Pixels.

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