What's new in Android 8.0 Oreo?

What do you guys think of this update? Let us know your thoughts!
Check out everything that’s new right here:

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45 Replies to “What's new in Android 8.0 Oreo?”

  1. sureiguess1

    I have already had like 85% of everything listed in this video (more or less,… mostly more), SINCE I BOUGHT MY S7 EDGE IN MARCH 2THOUSAND FUCKING 16. I swear people. Install a custom ROM and browse through Xposed. You can do everything in this video and like 9999999x worth of even more mods and improvements/ changes. ITS NOT THAT DAMN HARD PEOPLE. Waiting years and years for what has existed FOR YEARS AND YEARS…. my OMFGometer is going nuts rite now seeing all these people praising this rehashed rehash with a side of hash browns.

  2. Syuna

    Got my s8 plus yesterday I mean all these custom features are not bad but I feel like they are just gimmicks really an still prefer iOS over android it's snappier it's clean an simple no jibber jabber I only bought s8 plus for the display an screen real estate cuz I don't like the new iPhone notches an those high prices for jt an needed an upgrade from my old iPhone 6s plus

  3. Mo_ Bra

    My LG V20 just updated to 8.0 a couple days ago and I HATE it!!! It hanged almost everything on my phone and now I don't even know where to find my app drawer! (*I tried the "pull up" technique, you showed from the home screen… and NADA!) 🙁
    A lot of little things changed as well, like I can reset the background of my text message s page to a different color, but no longer seem to be able to change the "theme" colors, etc, of the actual text messages themselves! 🙁
    Over all, mine looks nothing like yours! What's the deal!?!?

  4. Thrill Kill

    I just updated to oreo 8.0 on a lg g5 and have no access to smart storage and the smart cleaner that used to clear apps cache doesen't work. We are forced to delete caches one app at a time. Its a clusterfuck

  5. CeeStyleDj

    8.0 seems to have a problem when pressing the app drawer. The first go-around, it takes probably a Solid 5 Seconds from hitting the button to actually seeing your apps, if you recreate it it opens it instantly but the first time there was always a big the way. There was also a big delay when you are searching for apps using the magnifying glass. For instance let's say I'm looking for Kelley Blue Book KBB. It takes about 3 seconds for the keyboard to pop up. Everything else Works flawlessly but there is definitely a lag issue when it comes to accessing apps are searching for apps. I'm on an LG G6 with no issues besides this problem. 7.0 seem to be so much smoother on my G6. It seems like we're supposed to just deal with this. And it always comes down to well, do a factory reset. That shouldn't be a solution anymore. In fact that's not even a solution. It's a cop out. I wish there was some way to directly send a problem report to Android.

  6. Josue Alvarez

    I use a Mac Air for work, I have an iPad mini just because, I use a Moto Z Play 2 and I love the three of them. Now with Oreo I think I like my phone even better.
    No need to be a fanboy.

  7. Spiral modding

    How odd. The media color of my album Art doesn't affect the notification with walkman… But my web browsers does change color. Also, I wish I could change back to the previous nav bar soft keys instead of having the Google pixel…

  8. Mauro Dudley

    Some people are complaining that "there's basically nothing new" but I'm loving this update. My phone seems to run so much smoother, and faster. And yes, there aren't MAJOR changes, but all these little, very convenient changes are awesome. Also, thanks for the video! I didn't feel like reading the update notes so this helped a lot lol

  9. Michael Dodd

    Hmm. They seem to be copying BlackBerry dtek with their protect app and the notification icon on apps and long press shortcuts. Not that I care, the more BlackBerry features in other devices the better.

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