What's New in Android Oreo for Developers

Android Oreo is available to consumers. Here’s a summary of what you need to know to make sure that these early adopters have a great experience, along with ways to enhance that experience with new O features and the support library.

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49 Replies to “What's New in Android Oreo for Developers”


    Android Oreo…maked by people that don,t know much about Android ecosystem looks like google started hiring Childrens for jobs…?

    May be because Google want to fill its coffers!
    its not Android its google os.
    google is heading towards kill the creativity & apple is heading towards.. save the creativity… inverse happened!

  2. Kaiden Artura

    Have been using Windows for years and with the release of version 10, it was an all-time (s)low. Then I started using Android via a lowly smartphone and was extremely pleasantly surprised at the speed and efficiency of said operating system. One is most impressed indeed.

  3. Liran Barsisa

    Sorry, but Android Oreo is one of the worst versions so far, for both developers and users:

    0:58 Why remove the ability of getting accounts ? Makes no sense.
    1:33 Why restrict background operations even more? Now we get a lot of notifications that show that apps run in the background…
    2:43 This doesn't work well. Hiding notifications doesn't let foreground services to run. There should be a way to avoid this.
    3:17 Shortcuts are completely broken because of this change. Many apps that used the previous API now don't do anything, even if the main feature of them is to create shortcuts. Not only that, but the new API lacks so many features available on previous API : background creation, batch creation, creation with icon resource of the target app (including auto-updating of the icon when getting updated).
    4:52 Auto-resizing textView is still very broken. It lets single words wrap instead of changing the font size.
    5:22 Why force apps and users to use adaptive icons Adaptive icons though? They look so bad for many apps, even of Google's own apps. You should have at least provided a way for users to keep the original apps' icons, instead of forcing us all to see useless backgrounds around logos. Look, even YouTube app icon is bad now. It's a white rectangle, with a an already red rectangle in it… Not only that, but the huge space the new Adaptive icons take – cover the wallpaper with useless opaque colors…

    Of course, I wrote about those issues on Google's issue tracker.

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