What’s new in Android Studio 3.3

Android Studio 3.3 release introduces Navigation editor, full support of Instant Apps in App bundle, as well as build system updates such as lazy task configuration, better debug info when using obsolete APIs, improved incremental Java compilation when using annotation processors, and a preview of the new R8 code shrinker. We’ve also added more granularity in the profiler options and added slow frame highlighting to help you debug quicker.

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49 Replies to “What’s new in Android Studio 3.3”

  1. Ron Miller

    Takes 8 minutes for the initial launch for my apps project. The project has all the arch components and java as well as kotlin. Desktop system has 16gb ram and i3 but not an ssd. But still android studio should really focus on optimization as all of us dont have workstations and it has become very heavy recently.

  2. Majd M

    HELP ME!!! guys instead of "start a new Android Studio project" I have "+ create new project"
    Instead of "open an existing Android Studio project" there is "import project"!! I can't start a project because when I click on "+ create new project" it opens a new project window where I have to choose one between Java, Gradle, Groovy, Static Web, Kotlin, and Empty project. please HELP.
    I have version 3.3 Android Studio

  3. Ravi Parmar

    android studio 3.3 buggy !! with fabric.io crashes and many issues for example it do not show proper error in class and runs the app in mobile phone without showing any error . This makes the app crashes and makes it difficult to track the crash.

  4. Mohammed Mujtaba

    Design view of my activity is not showing the action bar (even though it enabled) after the update and therefore everything is getting out of the screen after running the application.
    Maybe a bug :/

  5. V Market

    Hey guyz i updated to android studio 3.3 and end up with low resolution image preview, like constraint layout preview in low resolution as well as CHOOSE ACTIVITY screen at starting images too. How to get rid of this.

  6. taar1

    Since I upgraded I can't use Crashlytics anymore. My app instantly closes. After hours of searching someone recommended to disable the fabric.io plugin. I did that and suddenly I could connect to crashlytics again via assistant (that wasn't possible before). However, now I can't use crashlytics anymore at all because the fabric.io plugin is disabled. I can't get this to work. I've already spent all day to find a solution.

  7. Mhenard Mistula

    I just started learning how to develop an app 14 days ago and the Navigation Editor is really a big help! Thank you for making Android Developing much convenient!

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