What's New in iOS 12.3 & tvOS 12.3 Beta 1: Upgraded TV App!

Apple just released the new iOS 12.3 Beta for developers. Andrew talks about what’s new and what the latest features are in the first beta of iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3 including the revamped TV app!

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27 Replies to “What's New in iOS 12.3 & tvOS 12.3 Beta 1: Upgraded TV App!”

  1. You

    No, that sidebar on the library screen is bullshit. I think they should get rid of that sidebar and have only the movie artwork showing no menu text.

  2. Andrew M

    I wonder if the new TV app will support the "LIVE" guides from the streaming services like HULU and Directv Now. If they don't support the guide then we'll still be bouncing from app to app missing the whole point of having a single destination for viewing.

  3. Felix Chen

    I already have a showtime subscription, can I sign in to have access to the showtime channel on the tv app? It doesn’t seem like there’s an option to sign in but to start a free trial

  4. Fitspiration Coach

    Does family sharing work for movie and tv shows that you share with family members but have a different iCloud account? On the old app you have to download them. However, couldn’t stream them. Would love to know, thank you ?

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