What's New with CarPlay in iOS 12!

CarPlay has a few new tricks up its sleeve for iOS 12, so we hit the road to see what was new! Including third-party maps (think Google Maps and Waze), faster audio apps, and improvements to Apple’s own Maps app!

Our video gear:

21 Replies to “What's New with CarPlay in iOS 12!”

  1. Stefan Lewis

    Hello Everyone, If your like me and 90% of you iPhone music library is your own not bought from iTunes, the n you know that the music rating system as "disappeared" since iOS 11. Please sign my petition, to have it brought back! Its up to us, and we can do it!


  2. bryan w

    Saw an article about google maps on CarPlay but CNET stated the androids users have a leg up being able to just say hey google give me directions home. I’ve been using this feature with Siri since Apple introduced the feature in sept. 2014 with a non CarPlay Kenwood headunit and in December a pioneer with CarPlay. CNET is supposed to be on top of this stuff right.

  3. Nikola Tomic

    Hm where is video player and image viewer from CarPlay? Also – still landscape maps while using CarPlay in portrait dashboards in many new cars looks very small and low… Or there is something that I do not know?

  4. Amber Lin

    Ever since my phone updated to iOS 12 when I plug my phone in to apple play google maps works on my in dash navigation but not on my phone ?. Basically I can’t see my in dash navigation well because it sits so low on my dash and gets a bad glare from the sun so I still need my google maps to show up on my phone too (which I mount w/ one of those vent magnets deals). It’s not ideal but it’s always worked for me, now it displays as a list of instructions on my phone when I plug it in. Long story short I don’t like the update :(. Is there a way to un update?

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