What's on my iPad | 2020 iPad Pro12.9-inch

Hey guys! Lots of you asked me to film a “what’s on my iPad” video, so here it is! Keep in mind that I’ve had it for less than a month so I’m still discovering new apps every day 🙂

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-what camera do you use: my iPhone xs max, canon g7x II, canon 70d + 50mm lens
-what editing software do you use: Final Cut Pro x
-Where do you get your stationery: Amazon, Aliexpress, and cultpens
-What do you study: I’m a computer science student at university
-Where are you from: Italy

For business inquiries ONLY: nikkymd95@gmail.com

#2020ipadpro #whatsonmyipad #goodnotes5

20 Replies to “What's on my iPad | 2020 iPad Pro12.9-inch”

  1. Patrik Drevestedt

    Hi. Do you really need to put a disclaimer in the beginning of the video stating that you make your own money? I mean, if people can't handle that you have an expensive device, that's their problem.

  2. Siimplxsam

    Am 10 am gonna be 11 in three days and imma get in iPad 11 pro and I love people that don’t brag and u inspired me to save my own money to buy stuff

  3. Stephanie Saunders

    Girl where do you get all your background music? It makes your video so chill. ..I'm anti-apple so I have all Galaxy devices but your videos make me think I want an iPad lol

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