What's On My iPhone 8 & Must Have Apps

Hi friends! In this video, I show you what’s on my iPhone 8 and tell you about some apps you should have on your iPhone (or at least I think they’re pretty useful). From apps that help you with your fitness, to waking up, to helping with your Instagram feed- I got you! Hope you enjoy! If you have any app recommendations for me please leave them in the comments below 🙂

Things you may or may not want to know:


Secret Crates- Springtime Stroll

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Canon 80D w/18-35mm lens

49 Replies to “What's On My iPhone 8 & Must Have Apps”

  1. Lina Lecompte

    EDIT: August 22, 2018: A few people have brought to my attention that they can't find the Companion app on the app store- so odd! I still have it on my iPhone, and a lot of other people have been able to download it. I've emailed Companion support to see whats up with that and will get back to you when they reply… although it's been a week and I haven't heard anything and my own app hasn't been working, so if they reply I'll update it. If not- sorry seems like it might be discontinued 🙁

  2. Grace Kelly

    I really like reading on my phone. there is an app called Wattpad which allowes you to read any tory you like inclluding fan fictions.
    I also like this app called photomath. take a photo of any equation and it will simply tell you the answer

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