What's On My Phone | Samsung Galaxy s9!

What’s on my Android Phone, the Samsung Galaxy s9! The setup and apps featured in this video are how I stay connected with loved ones & keep my life organized!

Case in video:
Ringke S9 Case (Fusion) Lanyard Hold with Wrist Strap
US –
CA –
UK –

Screen Protector:

Wallpaper is from Samsung themes app and is called “[YT] Beach”

Month Calendar Widget:



Samsung Galaxy S9

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My Android Home Screen Setup on the Samsung Galaxy S9

Ipad Pro

iPad Pro 10.5 – My Top 5 Uses




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Phife for Life by Otis McDonald

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47 Replies to “What's On My Phone | Samsung Galaxy s9!”

  1. ew2

    Of course you are from Toronto. Do all awesome tech reviewers come from Toronto? Seems every one of them I subscribe to is from my old hood. Keep up the great work!

  2. H M

    What I hate about Samsung new phones the most is just too big the Galaxy 7 is the only one I would get perfect size

  3. hamid alhaja

    Gotta admit that i admire all the girls in the comments who are using Samsung, appreciates android, and not being stereotype.

    Love to see alot of beautiful ladies who loves tich and actually productive, not obsessed by getting the latest iPhone and making themselves objects in social media.

  4. Giozlove

    Hi! Beautiful and professional video! I will ask you what do you think about the cam of this device, especially for the bokeh effects

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