When is the Next Android vs iOS Video? – Ask Me #2

I answer questions from You guys!

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25 Replies to “When is the Next Android vs iOS Video? – Ask Me #2”

  1. Chase Raschella

    Love the vids @Armando Ferreira Can't wait to see the Android vs IOS one you'll have in the future! Would love to see another customize you're android like a boss again. Stay excellent!

  2. Bob Bruns

    @Armando Ferreira can/will you make a video using Tasker that would make an Altimeter work in the most accurate way?  please TIA Maybe you already have? I did search but came up with nothing 🙁

  3. Rishab Vaishya

    I like the contents of your videos ..just that i'm grateful for the invention of speed settings in youtube because you are too slow. [not to be taken as offense 🙂 ]

  4. Tridib Banerjee

    I would love some great geeky T-Shirts. But I live in India, trust me people here are geekheads, if you could get a workaround for people like us to buy these all around the glob without incurring heavy import taxes by maybe selling through different channels, it would be great for all of us! Some polo T-Shirts in black, grey and an Android theme will be legendary!

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