WHEN MOBILE USERS IMPRESS A GIRL | Iphone Users | Redmi, MI | Oppo F11 | Samsung Users | BKLOL AddA

Hey Lovers,
this week let’s talk about the different types of Mobile phone users. Which one are you, If you have a type I haven’t covered do write it in the comments below & if do give the video a big fat thumbs up… Love

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Written By: AJ Verma & Jagat Patwal
Directed by: Ankit Duggal
Cast: AJ Verma, Jagat patwal, Vijay, kajal arora, Ankit Duggal, Golu.
Video Editor: AJ verma

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40 Replies to “WHEN MOBILE USERS IMPRESS A GIRL | Iphone Users | Redmi, MI | Oppo F11 | Samsung Users | BKLOL AddA”

  1. Ajay Pathak

    सैमसंग 12:00 बजने वाली है खूब लूटा सैमसंग में एग्जामिनस का सॉफ्टवेयर हार्डवेयर देकर 2GB रैम 12000 3जीबी रैम 15000 जब से रेडमी रियलमी और वीवो मार्केट में आया है तब से औकात पता चल गई है

  2. Roopan Ghosh

    I use an iPhone XS and a Samsung Galaxy S10 if you use a low end device it will hang use Samsung's flagship device it will never hang. Low end devices have entry level processor which can't handle much load but flagship more expensive devices have flagship processors which can handle far greater load so are not bogged down at all. Now as for bluetooth technology 6ot does not work across different operating system so if iPhones can't send a file via bluetooth to other phones it is simply due to restrictions of bluetooth technology not Apple company. For those of you wondering that a one plus phone can send a file to a Google Pixel phone even though the phones are from different companies they still use the same os and that is what makes them compatable with each other. 128 mp surely I don't know if its true or not I know it's not but even if it is the photos taken from it are still very inferior to a photo taken from am iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone having just 12mp. Mega pixel doesn't matter but the sensor quality and lenses and software processing with optical image stabilization.

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