Which Mobile Platform Should I Develop For: iOS, Android or Windows?

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Choosing a mobile development platform can be a difficult task. In this video, I give my opinion on whether you should develop for iOS, Android or Windows.


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10 Replies to “Which Mobile Platform Should I Develop For: iOS, Android or Windows?”

  1. hulkhatepunybanner

    As someone who can't afford an Apple product I would say develop cross-platform apps. Especially if there's a way to do this efficiently. It would give one's apps three or more marketplaces and increase revenue opportunities. Having one's apps known to all mobile users is better for future app sales. One could probably develop their own version of iOS-only apps for other platforms.


  2. Desmond Nzuza

    Shouldn't the title of this video be "Which Mobile Platform Should I Develop For: iOS, Android or Windows?" or "Which Mobile Platform Should I be a Developer For: iOS, Android or Windows?" ? Nice video by the way. Always getting great advice from you John.

  3. Volkan Paksoy

     Hey John, 

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. All great points and answered my question completely.

    Developing one app and expecting to make a living off of it is like buying a lottery ticket. Hedging your bets makes perfect sense.

    Also thanks for the kind comment about my name! (It's Turkish btw)


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