Why Android notifications are better than the iPhone’s

Everybody hates notifications, but why? In this episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn examines what Apple and Google are doing to manage them on iPhone and Android — and why Android’s notifications are more humane. Subscribe:

Processor is a weekly YouTube show that takes a deeper look at how consumer technology is changing and how we should think about our gadgets as people, not just as users.

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39 Replies to “Why Android notifications are better than the iPhone’s”

  1. Angelo Arriola

    I was wanting to know if Android screen lights up when you receive a message. With iOS I can read the message right away, even when the phone is just on my desk and I’m busy with something else, because the screen lights up and shows you the message. But, guess this is the wrong video.

  2. David Retana

    Does this sound like a first world problem? I know software can be continuously improved. But notifications don't seem like such an important part of my life, at least not as important as he makes them seem.

  3. hiddenname

    Hi I need some help… I love how on iphone you can turn off notification previews and just have a notifications dot. I.e. I don't like messages popping up on my screen and interrupting me but would like to know they are there so I check them at a good time. How can I do this on Android?

  4. scooter800m

    my older galaxy s6 edge is handles notifications better just like how he described. although with a couple of fewer options than the newer android ones. (just because its stuck on 7.0 thanks samsung)

  5. TomZeBomb

    The really cool thing about Android now is that if the OS notices you are deleting a certain type of notification more often, it will ask you if you want to block that style of notification.

  6. Jimmy Randomness

    iPhone was made for people of easy to use stuff. Android tho has more options and freedom. In anywau, Apple gets behind once again. Even tho in their latest firmware they made their notifications stacked like android…. After many years . Apple is slow at many things and mostly that's because of two things. First because they have to figure out (their genius devs) to implement a new feature to their so called "closed system" and second because in vast majority they have to "patent" any of these features to claim it's theirs and not stolen. People must be serious nowadays before purchasing from Apple .

  7. Shreyas Joshi

    You asked for it and you got it. Android 9 detects when you swipe a notification away a lot and offers to stop showing it to you. But yeah, notifications is the one thing where Android has iOS beat hands down

  8. _Egg_

    I love Android!

    Except for one thing: when I open up the keyboard it shows a notification that my keyboard is on. Anyone else? (I use a Samsung device on Android Oreo.)

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