35 Replies to “Why Apple Needs Samsung”

  1. Hamburger King 9

    The Galaxy Note 4 was legendary.

    What made it good:

    1. Removable Battery

    2. 3 GBs of RAM which rivals the iPhone X. (Which is embarrassing for Apple because the iPhone X was from 2017 while the Note 4 was from 2014).

    3. The huge Super AMOLED screen.

    4. Awesome 16 MP Rear Camera. (iPhone X has 12 MP Rear Camera)

    5. The SPen.

    6. The low cost in 2019.
    Seriously, it's £120 mint condition!

    This blows any iPhone out of the water!

  2. ok retard

    samsung and apple should work together on a phone, imagine how big it could become and how revolutionary it could be, it's potential would go unmeasurable.

  3. Lingymingy123

    apple is sort of a founder of Samsung it’s sad. Cause Samsung uses android and android makes Samsung a Samsung. And the original apple team split up one of which went to google. So prove me wrong ?

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