Why are Apple Products so hard to HACK? | Apple Vs Android | Tech Explained

iOS, developed by Apple Inc, is the operating system found in only Apple devices such as the iPhone range. Based on similar security parameters & system architecture as MacOS; Apple prides themselves on their state of the art technology regarding performance & security.

Android is an open-source operating system for mobiles created by Google. Found in most mobile manufacturer’s phones today, it is currently the world’s most used mobile operating system.Android, due to its open-source technology, also prides itself on cutting edge technology as most mobile developers can create plugins & enhancements with the mobile development tools available online.

Apple has been known for being secure due to its closed development operating system. Google gives its mobile application developers the entire source code to develop applications and system tools for its operating system, Android devices are the opposite, relying on an open-source code, meaning that the owners of these devices can tinker with their phone’s and tablet’s operating systems.

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  1. Cyber_ prince

    Kyu bakwas kar rahe hain Google search karo sabse jyada iOS hack hote hain 😂😂 beta konsi duniya main je rahi hain ek huwaei ka phone hain jo hack hone k baad bhi aap ko data nahi deta sabse secure black berry hain pata nahi konsi moh maya 🙄 main jee rahe 😂😂😂

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