Why Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Scares the U.S.

Huawei has been rocked by political and legal turmoil at a time when it also happens to be poised to build the worldwide 5G revolution. Is the timing a coincidence, or a coordinated attempt to knock China’s biggest company down a peg? This is the story of how Huawei went from a small-time parts reseller to the homegrown tech giant China always hoped for, and the west always feared.

Video by Henry Baker

20 Replies to “Why Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Scares the U.S.”

  1. TheEpsilonSword

    The reason the U.S. is acting like this is because Huawei is a Chinese company and is bound by Chinese laws. They are legally required to hand over person information to the Chinese Communist Party.

  2. Alvin Ma

    US and China may be competing about domination in the electronic spying 'industry'. US has been in this area for decades and China may be a newcomer, and that's why US is desperately knocking China down.

  3. Diwas Upadhyay

    US is so scared they are kidnapping now. Its time for white supremacy to go down and be slaves for all the sin you have done against humanity and against other races.


    Почему я смотрю на них и радуюсь их успехам, но в то же время мне так обидно за Россию и её народ..

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