Why do you want to know this? What's On My Phone? – Galaxy Note 9 Edition

It’s time to find out what is on my phone. I am using my Galaxy Note 9 for this one and I will show you a bunch of apps I have installed on my phone.

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28 Replies to “Why do you want to know this? What's On My Phone? – Galaxy Note 9 Edition”

  1. Jervazz Hammod

    I like app suggestions it doesn't really have to be a what's on your phone even though it's like going to be thought you have it on your phone if your recommending it for download. Great video though just got the Note9 and love it!!

  2. Marianne Cu

    Travis, never liked these kinds of videos. I just wanted to support you and your channel. Thanks for being transparent with us. Peace & love!!! Peace & love!!!!

  3. Leroy Young

    Travis you need to tell Richard Yarrell who the so called founder of the Samsung knights that he has no endorsement or funding or sponsorship from Samsung he never been to South Korea where Samsung Electronics comes from

  4. DJ Rob

    Been trying to catch up with your videos Travis but lately I have been bombarded with work. As you were starting to do this full time I got more busy. Life is like that though, ups and downs. However, I won't let it stop me from checking it out one of the most honest tech review channels out there. Love this channel!

  5. donxalamar

    Do a video comparing Note 9 with S10PLUS and how much actual real screen state the 10plus loses against the clean 6.4inch of note 9 once you hide that hideous pill shaped cutout.

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