Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? An Apple Tech's 14 iPhone Battery Drain Fixes!

A former Apple tech explains 14 iPhone battery life saving tips and dispels common myths about what causes iPhone batteries to die too fast. I used to work in an Apple Store, and this is the most common problem we saw at the Genius Bar.

If you’ve been wondering why your iPhone battery has been dying too quickly, we’ll explain why and how to fix iPhone battery drain issues in this video.

The most important thing to understand is this: 99% of the time, iPhone battery life problems are caused by the iPhone’s software. There’s nothing wrong with the physical battery inside your iPhone! But that’s good news, because it means that you can fix the problem yourself.

Here are the main iPhone battery life saving tips we’ll cover:
1. Push Mail (0:32)
2. Location Services (1:40)
3. Unnecessary System Services (3:48)
4. iPhone Analytics (5:51)
5. Close Out Your Apps (6:23)
6. Notifications (7:19)
7. Widgets (8:36)
8. Turn Off Your iPhone (9:22)
9. Background App Refresh (9:58)
10. Keep Your iPhone Cool (10:38)
11. Auto-Lock (11:09)
12. Reduce Motion (11:59)
13. DFU Restore Your iPhone (12:59)
14. Repair, But Only If Necessary! (14:10)

If you are in the 1% who does need to get their battery replaced, we recommend checking out Puls, an on-demand iPhone repair service that comes to you to fix your iPhone on the spot.

If you need to DFU restore your iPhone, check out our easy-to-follow videos to learn how:

iPhone X and iPhone 8:
iPhone 7 and earlier models:

Check out our article called “Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast?” on payetteforward.com:

Hopefully you’ve fixed your iPhone battery life problem! Let us know how our tips worked for you in the comments section down below. Thanks for watching, and if you enjoyed our video, please share it with your friends!

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29 Replies to “Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? An Apple Tech's 14 iPhone Battery Drain Fixes!”

  1. Apple Aliwalas

    Hi I have a question does screen brightness affect video quality you are currently recording? since screen brightness drains the phone I wonder if I can lower it down while recording a video but im afraid that the quality of video im recording will be affected. Thanks!

  2. JoseKaws

    Good thing I can do phone repairs so I don’t have to deal with my battery being fucked up I can change it on the fly
    Seriously tho you guys need a better battery if you guys know anyone that can install a battery order a new one from eBay. There is some with 2200MHA
    I recommend the loctus battery
    I’m sure whoever reads my comment and buys it will love it

  3. Nancy Holderman

    Excellent presentation and information. Love the presentation and I was able to put on pause when I needed to find something. Really appreciate the help guys! Thank you.

  4. PTRK

    Why does my iPhone battery dies so fast?

    Because Apple sucks! That's why. Get an android and you will have better battery life lol??

  5. littlegoobie

    messed with tuning mine iphone8 since getting it. have it using 3% in 11 hours right now with light use at work. if i get a clall, it might drop a few more percent but have never come home with less than 90%.

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