Why I Chose The 11-inch Over the 12.9-inch iPad Pro! 2020 iPad Pro Size Comparison!

Today we do a size comparison between the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 11-inch iPad Pro! Now that we have mouse support and a magic keyboard coming soon… I decided to try the 12.9″ to see if I could make the jump to a larger tablet. Ultimately, I decided to keep the 11″ over the 12.9″ iPad Pro! Which would you choose?

Products Featured
New Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB) – Silver (2nd Generation)

New Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB) – Space Gray (4th Generation)

Correction: The price difference is actually $200 or $150 for Students/Teachers!

0:00 Opening Remarks, Pricing
0:18 Base Storage on Both is 128GB
0:46 iPad Pro is Now a Viable Laptop Replacement
1:03 Should you get the 11-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro?
1:52 Whole video summed up in one sentence
2:40 My Workflow, Why I kept the 11-inch iPad Pro
3:03 One-handed drawing with Apple Pencil
3:41 12.9-inch Gets Heavy with Cases
4:14 Screen Too Big for Handheld Gaming on 12.9″
4:55 iPad Sizes Compared to Hands & Switch
5:09 Keyboard Takes up a Chunk of Screen
6:35 12.9″ Shines as a Direct Laptop Replacement
7:20 Smaller Tablets are Really Cool
7:59 I Prefer Using the Apple Pencil on the 11″
8:58 Thanks for Watching!

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46 Replies to “Why I Chose The 11-inch Over the 12.9-inch iPad Pro! 2020 iPad Pro Size Comparison!”

  1. On Point Movement and Performance

    Thanks man for your review it really help me decide if I wanted to downsize my 12.9 pro I ended up picking an 11 X pro this week for $650. I really like that phrase that you said do you want a laptop that can sometimes be a tablet or a tablet that sometimes can be a keyboard. I work mobile he has a mobile physical therapy practice so the mobile form of the tablet is more efficient for me

  2. Andrew Baldino

    As a student using it for reading and taking notes the past 5 years I’ve found the 12.9” is way too big. Too big to hold one handed, too big for smaller desks, takes a lot of space in my bag in addition to the other school supplies I carry, brings a lot of attention to you, and I never used the screen bc I always zoomed in when writing notes. I’m super excited to switch to the 11”

  3. Arctic Gaming

    My man happy about 128 i know that I will never ever get an iPad until I will start making my own money so I am getting a 512gb because I was using a iPhone 7 Plus with 32gb and it was soooo anoying

  4. Alan Day

    Sadly neither is actual 12.9" or 10.5." The 12.9" is 11.4" x 8.46" and the 10.5" is 9.87" x 6.85." So adjust your expectations because of their lying.

  5. S S

    I owned the 12.9 first then I went to the 11. I am all about the 11 at this point. So much lighter, more discrete, fits in smaller bags, and is more maneuverable. Good video sir.


    I don't know why but one of my biggest fears is having a $1600 dollar iPad and a Karen comes up to me snatches it and takes it…

    So I'm getting a 11 inch ipad

  7. TigDuk

    Omg awesome review! Especially when you showed using pro create, that helped so much as drawing is what u use my current iPad (Air 2 o-o) for.. also, I already have an awesome computer so I’d go for the iPad that can sometime be a computer!

  8. niyesha rene

    The only reason I’d rather get the 12.9 inch is because I’m tired or carrying my backpack around for online school and who knows when we’ll be going back to in person school .. so I have a whole bunch of books and my computer in my bag so I’d rather have a 12.9 to use for school and my zoom class

  9. Vivi

    I tried out someones 12.9 inch pro and for me it was so bulk and heavy! Very nice big screen perfect for work but that aint a tablet for me no more.

  10. SanysTube

    Hi, Thanks for you video. I am in a dileman to choosing between 11 and 12.9 primarily for drawing and sketching purpose. I had always though, the larger screen is ideal seeing how artists move their hand for strokes. I have never owned both sizes so not sure how is it when you move and wave your hand on the 11". What is your opinion. thanks

  11. GirlyGamer334

    "Do you want a laptop that you can sometimes use as a tablet or a tablet that you can sometimes use as a laptop" THANK YOU SO MUCH! I literally watched (exactly) 73 videos on which size I should pick and that phrase in this video is the only thing that actually helped me out of all of them. THANK YOU! I am subscribing to you and all my accounts and all my family member's accounts. THANK YOU SO MUCH! please know that you helped someone today. God Bless you

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