Why I Don't Use the Pixel!

For now. Things change. A lot. And they’re hard to predict.

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38 Replies to “Why I Don't Use the Pixel!”

  1. sdemosi

    Got pixel 3. Had problems with call quality so now I use my iPhone XS. I'll probably still try a Pixel 4. I keep hoping Google will give me some beautifully integrated smartphone that raises using Google services to the next level while being great as a phone, camera and media device. Google doesn't quite get there but they get frustratingly close at times.

  2. Casey N

    And now I can say too the Pixel 3 is no different. It’s performance actually has slowed down even more than my Pixel 2 did. The ONLY thing at this point the Pixel does better is their camera. Everything else can be done better on numerous other devices. Let’s hope the HTC team injects some magic into the Pixel 4.

  3. Jalatto_

    I think his opinion doesn’t validate and relates to the majority of the people. He’s perception of slow is considered fast than most devices. I just wish there’s at least of honesty and be more practical with the situation rather than pointing out if he were to make an honest review.

  4. Ethan Sloan

    Perfect smartphone:

    Samsung galaxy s10 display

    Pixel 3 camera software

    Samsung galaxy s10 camera hardware

    IPhone XS chin

    IPhones XS chipset

    Samsung's one UI customizability

    OPPO find X design

    Huawei p30 pro colors

    Samsung galaxy s10+ storage and memory

    One plus value

  5. Trevor Thomas

    See I've had the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge for about 3 years now and………… the phone is trash, it's gotten so slow & laggy that I barely use it anymore; its camera, messages, and phone applications don't work at all, so I'm basically stuck with my landline to call people and I've been researching phones constantly for the past 5 weeks, and it seems like I'll make the Google pixel 3XL my camera phone for social media and I'll make the Samsung Galaxy S10+ my daily phone, how's that sound?? But I just need the funds, because ya boi is broke

  6. Simon Ritchie

    How fast does someone need a phone to be? I mean the Pixel 2XL is a great phone and it's fast, has great speakers that are front facing, squeeze assistant, updates, etc. Sure the RAM is important and the Pixel 2/2XL, and now the 3/3XL are probably the lowest RAM in a flagship phone but its a great phone and I'll be getting the 3XL soon.

  7. Johan Uribe

    I had the same experience with my Nexus 6p, except the performance dropped off a cliff. Now I am on an iphone xs, and the performance has not dropped 1% in the first 4 months of use.

  8. Bernard Rouhi

    well, that's more like android software optimization, you could have 32GB RAM and still your phone lag, cause Android doesn't verify each app if they are optimized, that's software problem, not the phone.

  9. Kyle

    I have not experienced any slow down in my Pixel 2 XL. I love this device. Skipping on the Pixel 3… but can't wait for the pixel 4… really hope some really cool innovation happens with that one.

  10. ScottyTB

    You seem to use Android as your daily driver. How do you continue to use an Apple watch while on Android OS? Really want to use series 4 Apple watch … And feel forced to leave my Pixel 3

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