Why I Left Apple…

What do you think of the Pixel 2 XL? The camera is great! Truly!

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This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!


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pixel 2 vs pixel 2 hands on

45 Replies to “Why I Left Apple…”

  1. K K

    Wait.. iPhone doesn‘t come with a sim key in the box in the US and you have to go somewhere to set it up? I literally have been setting up my iPhone phone myself for 8 years and everybody I know does. ?

  2. Bryan Charles

    (Apple late to the party at their annual keynote event) "Look at our latest innovations and features."
    (Crowd marvels) "Oooooooooooooooh" Clap clap clap
    One person remarks: "But competitors have had those features for years."
    Apple: "But these are the new iFeatures." (Crowd marvels)

  3. matrixbg

    wait… you don't get a sim key with an iphone?! but i got one when i bought my iphone (selling an iphone fyi, used for 1 year). so is this only for 'murica? haha even 'muricans think 'muricans are stupid. cough paperclip cough

  4. Joshua Ricketts

    On the other side of the coin, after using android phones for so long, I finally bought an iPhone Xs Max as my first iPhone. The reason for buying it rather than a Galaxy Note 9 or something was so that I could at least experience iOS. So far, I’m loving it. It just seems so fresh and new because it’s so different to what I’m used to.

  5. Johnny Clean


    I'm from Australia.

    Im passing through, … noticed your vlog.

    I like your moggie.

    They say people with cats are more intelligent than dog owners.

    Google phone are renoun for phones with good cameras but overall no.

    Me, I'd get a Sammy S9+.

    You get a cable, fast charging brick and the transfer adaptor in the box. An a sim tool.

    I prefer Samsung S9+ or Note 9.

  6. J G

    I've been considering getting the Pixel 2 XL or basically, any Google Pixel and I am glad to see this video of the phone!

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