Why I LOVE the iPhone XR!

There are a lot of reasons to love the iPhone XR. In this video, I’ll walk through my 5 favorite features of the iPhone XR!

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Intro & Outro by Yorge Abbott
Twitter: @yorge_abbott

46 Replies to “Why I LOVE the iPhone XR!”

  1. Hell broke Luce

    This is peculiar Apple brainwashing..
    Dude has large hands, the bigger display would be more suitable but the XR fits him BECAUSE he can reach the control center with one hand!!!!
    Instead of calling out Apple for not providing some easy access like Android does, the poor dude is blaming himself !

  2. DMT267

    Great review Michael. I may just buy an Iphone now…….. i do like android, but i actually like this phone and it's good battery life. Cheers.

  3. Stevye Brown

    I have an iPhone XS Max and I’m loving it and the portrait mode to me is better bc all my fitness have an xr and it’s a great phone but I like the photo Quality more

  4. Nero Pytherios

    I was amazed too at the battery life. The iPhone XR just lasts soo much longer then my old iPhone. (Went from the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone XR, the price of the Xs was what drove me away from that iPhone. Cheaper iPhone X with the same chip, I believed was a steal)

  5. Veli EsEs

    İ think iphone xr most ugly iphone like iphone 5c and absolutely its not worth the price !! İphone 8 plus red product and iphone xs gold color is one of the most beautiful phones I ever seen

  6. Filip Radulovic

    Using XR 128GB, and it is great!
    The only one thing is RAM bug with Camera app.
    It feels like Camera app is too heavy for 3GB RAM, and when you use it for about 3-4min, every loaded app has to be reloaded.

    Tested on 3 iPhone XR iOS 12.1.4 and 12.2

  7. soulseek80 nic

    Why are Youtubers pushing the XR these days? Apparently XR sales are slow and these reviewers are being paid by Apple. Ppl would rather by X or XS, but not the xr. This is what I read, am just saying

  8. Dennis Barros

    I have the Red XR. Kind of wish I got blue though. Most people I know chose red as well. I’m already tired of the red on mine. Lol. I love this phone though!

  9. TrickyPJM

    I’m a former iPhone SE user. I now use the 128GB Blue iPhone XR, and I absolutely love it. I just miss the flat sides and the flush camera.

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