Why I Returned My 11 Inch iPad Pro… And Bought a 12.9 Inch iPad Pro

I talked about my 11 inch iPad Pro recently and well, now that one is gone. Let’s take a look at the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

11 inch iPad Pro Review:

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34 Replies to “Why I Returned My 11 Inch iPad Pro… And Bought a 12.9 Inch iPad Pro”

  1. RuthieOnTheMobile

    I had the 11 inch and loved it until I saw my mum's 12.4 inch.
    My daughter now has my 11 inch and i've upgraded to the 12.4 which is much better for me. I'm a student, and always work at a desk, and find the larger screen a lot better.

  2. SmashRider

    I want a ipad pro for photography and video editing so what I have to choose.? I don't want to be to big because I use on my bed or in the car.

  3. Derek Kelly

    Anyone using sidecar with 11” iPad Pro and 15” MacBook Pro? I want to use the iPad as a drawing/note taking device and sometimes with sidecar. Is 11” too small for sidecar?

  4. Ashu Kemla

    Hi. I’m Ashu from India. I just got iPad Air 4. As, it has the same chassis, it has flex & it bends, it really does, even at slight pressure (when noticed carefully). I requested a replacement & that would be delivered next month. I’m too worried. I haven’t seen anything so expensive & so flimsy (I mean it, I didn’t expect that cz I already own an iPad Mini & that is really tough). But this new Air has too much flex in it. By any chance if you haven’t noticed it yet, take a look from sides like you see from a gun while twisting it even at very very low force. It’s too soft.

    Bro Please let me know about your take on this (in-detail if possible cz I m really really worried) ?

  5. Perry Pelican

    Supposedly the 2020 pros all have 6gb of ram. According to geekbench and a few other testing apps mine has 5.6gb or 5.7gb. Thats a lot of difference. Please please could you clear it up for me before I run to the apple store crying gigabyte rip-off. Could you tell me what value geekbench says for your 2020 iPad Pro. I will owe you for saving me a stressed out trip to that apple store in downtown Montreal.

  6. Billa Don

    My use of the iPad Pro is mainly going to be for school and study, short edits and for watching videos and stuff. I like the fact that 11’ is easier to hold and carry however i dont travel a lot during the day. Also, Would i need a keyboard if i want to get a 12.9’ ?

  7. ForeverSunny

    I just ordered my 2020, 12.9 iPad pro and I’m super excited! I’m lucky enough to already have a 2017, 10.5 iPad, so I’ll use that one for the couch and the other one for art!

  8. Cosmin C.

    Hello Chris!
    I would like to have a shortcut that open Microsoft Onenote to a specific page of a section or at least to a specific section, but look like I can not do it.

    I even tried to use the shortcut to that section in Opener, but Opener doen not know Onenote.

    Can you help me with that?

  9. Kwoo Woo

    They need a foldable screen the size of 2 ipad 11 inch side-by-side. If you need 11 inch, you fold it. If you need 22 inch (2 11 inch side-by-side), you unfold it.

  10. BJC T

    I’m getting a 12.9” because I have found that I use my ipad 2018 to do my schoolwork. The bigger screen will make for better note taking and multitasking, watching content and playing games.

  11. Andy Jame

    A bit of time needed to get used to it as I was only using Macbook before, but now wouldnt go back, perfect for traveling JustU.faith/iPad-Pro super fast processor, amazing screen quality eg better than a Macbook Air, long battery life. Highly recommended

  12. Fedison Pts

    What is my problem that: I need to carry the iPad so the 12.9 is too big, but I make photoshop and videos so then I need the 12.9 if really I’m confused

  13. Alexander V.

    Are you really after switching from 11 to 12.9 stopped to feel eyes issue? As desktop working you are so far from screen. But what do you think if I will use iPad for 8+ hours a day but not on the desk, but lying in sofa, editing videos and photos. Is it really more comfortable for eyes to use ~13 instead of 11 on sofa?

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