Why I Switched to iOS. // iOS vs. Android!

Why I switched to iOS from Android!

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24 Replies to “Why I Switched to iOS. // iOS vs. Android!”

  1. Devin Sidhu

    In the thick of it, people don’t realise iPhones have more features because they always look at the hardware. Apple’s features lie in software

  2. Roostning

    I used to be an android hater, now im an apple hater. Comment down below if you want reasons. (Or if you want to argue, then feel free to comment down below aswell)

  3. D Yaz

    I work with multitasking apps, im use android and sometime while i run and change apps repeatly (whatsapp, instagram, browser, file etc) my phone its slowing, some app restart. If i switch to ios, is that problem is gone?

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