Why I Switched to the Google Pixel 3 from the iPhone X

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41 Replies to “Why I Switched to the Google Pixel 3 from the iPhone X”

  1. Evelyn Huang

    I've had every iPhone since the 3GS up until the X and I recently made the switch to Pixel 3 XL for the same reasons. I was getting so bored of looking at the same interface year after year for a decade. Back in the day, jailbreaking was fun. Now it's not even a thing anymore and the thrill has died out. I was also unimpressed with the camera. At risk of sounding cliche, iPhones have stopped being amazing since Jobs died. I feel like all the new iPhones are either going backwards or basic replicas of previous models, so there's really no excitement in getting the latest models anymore. Also, looking back at most of the pictures I took with the previous iPhones, I found the photos to look very grey-washed compared to the photos I took with the Pixel 3 XL. I was a bit hesitant to use Android but I figured if I was going to start, I'd better start with the phone that made the OS. No regrets so far. Though I have to admit, iPhones are extremely durable. Took out my 3GS the other day and despite being a bit slow, it worked just fine.

  2. Manny Drives

    My Pixel 3 is five days old and I'm already experiencing an issue. The screen will flash sometimes when I unlock the phone. Tried changing the adaptive screen settings and did a restart. Didn't help. Any suggestions? Having a flash bulb go off randomly when you unlock your phone sucks.

  3. KuToga007

    i just did the same thing…my Pixel 3 should arrive today with the mail 🙂 i just hate how Apple is dragging you into their eco-system…and i just wanted to get out of it. I must admit that iOS served me very well over the years and it was very stable, but i just need some change. Great video btw 🙂

  4. Christopher Murphy

    Funny because I finally jumped off the android bandwagon that I have been riding on since android gingerbread. I owned every nexus that dropped , a few galaxy Ss , a couple of Motorola phones and LG G series. Throw in an iPhone 5 and the iPhone 3G but that was short lived and always went back to android for basically the same reason that apple was bothering you with. I used to love rooting and flashing so many custom roms that I barely used my phone for anything but being my little test bunny for roms and kernels. Well I’ve gotten a lot older and I just got tired with using my phone as a hacking device … So I thought I’d give apple ? who I used to hate and make fun of another try. So I picked up the iPhone X and wow ? Ios 12 is amazing and I recently bought an apple 4K box and it’s great how they work together a lot better then my pixel 3 XL was doing. Now mind you yes it is an apple product so of course it would pair up better then a pixel would. Fair enough ?? Regardless the way iOS works so smooth with no lag on 3 gigs of ram is amazing. And the keyboard is fantastic and I actually can type without having to Lee hitting delete because my pixel was registering me hitting different letters and numbers wrong all the Time. And the 4K oled screen is just stunning and without any saturation like Samsung and Pixels screens . The all gesture screen is a treat and very welcomed of a feature .. I love how it works. The only thing I miss is the customization for icons like nova launcher allows and I miss being in control of the way my screen looks with hiding icons and making folders look different with colours .:: and then of course the camera is absolutely amazing on the pixel and night light is fabulous . But honestly I’m older and have gotten over my whole custom rom stage and just enjoy the way iOS works.:: no more boot loops and random restarts … no more lag while typing or just messing about in your apps or folders. Apple just works and now that they have caught up with the screen and no bezel phones. I love it and I’m not knocking Android I think it has grown and matured since the gingerbread days. I’ve been there for the ride through every operating system and Pie is very nice ?? I just personally wanted a change and I didn’t honesty think it would last I was that much of an android fanboy I admit it and I’ve exchanged words with isheep a lot of times lol. And honestly back then it was warranted as I think apple was boring and made for old people or people that don’t no technology and of course the rich snobs who have to have the phone that cost the most and has people lining up for
    Lol. But now I can say I enjoy both platforms but for now I’m happy with my Apple iPhone X.

  5. Kenneth Tsang

    huawei mate 20 pro is not bad if compare amongst android phone. i'm looking at pixel 3 now to check if it's size is comparable to iPhone Xs, and also have eSIM or not. Most android phone is getting way too big..


    I went from iPhone 5s to pixel 3. Im back on 5s because pixel 3 got sent back because of a lot of faults with phone. I hear a lot of them are problematic. Good phone though, when it worked

  7. Moses Prakasham

    So people be buying iPhone then changing to pixel then changing to mate 20 or one plus 6t …
    Why not buy one plus or mate 20 straight away ? …. Just rent a phone before you wanna make a purchase

  8. Tyler

    People commenting "duH HeS oN AnDrOiD PoLiCe oFcOUrSe He'lL SwiTCh tO AnDrOiD"

    He was on an iPhone, while on Android Police. Then switched to Android. Shouldn't that tell you something?


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