Why I Upgraded to the 2020 Apple iPad Pro 11" inch model?

Why I Upgraded to the 2020 iPad Pro 11″
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2020 iPad Pro 11″ Case with Apple Pencil Dock ($13.99)
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Apple Pencil 2nd Gen
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11” Liquid Retina display / 264 ppi
Resolution: 2388 x 1668
CPU: A12Z Bionic Chip 64bit
Apple 8 Core Graphics
Dual Band Wifi AC / BT v5.0
Rear Cameras: 12MP+10MP+LiDAR
iPadOS 13.4
Quad Speakers / Five Mics
28.65 wH Battery (10 hours)
18W Fast Charging
5.9mm Thick
Weight 471g

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43 Replies to “Why I Upgraded to the 2020 Apple iPad Pro 11" inch model?”

  1. David

    I hope you see this comment… I think like you. I had a fai 12.9. They are e laptops, not tablets. rly new iPad 6th gen 9.7in for the last few years. Since then I purchased an AMAZING MacBook Pro 15.4in. that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE! Now, I felt a 12.9ion. display was always too big for a "tablet". I know this because I have 2. A Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and an Acer Flip. Both are laptops, not tablets! 12.9 is just too unwieldy too use as a tablet, its just my opinion, and yours. So today, I had a bit of luck come my way. I was at BestBuy picking up my Alexa 8 that I bought on sale during the Mothers day sales. It was only $70 from $100. Ok, so I like DEALS. My Macbook Pro was an open box from the same store, Im on it right now and LOVE THBIS TGHING so much!! On to the iPad Pro 2021 11" 256gb I bought TODAY at BestBuy for ready, after all discounts, new in open box, space gray, my first color choice for ready… $647! I know thats a steal of a deal. Sure the M1 will be, or is already great. I do not need it. I am more than happy with this 8core CPU, 6Core GPU, 256GB storage with 6GB RAM tablet? Yes tablet. At 11 inches, its able to be handled with one hand. But that 12.9, no way. That has tp become a new laptop for you above and beyond anything else. Size does matter, and in my case and many others, like yours too, an 11in. is P E R F E C T! Thanks for the great review!! Please let me know if you read my review of your review of our review.

  2. Ronald Odoski

    Hello excellent review, I watch this because I intend to have this iPad
    Very soon from T-Mobile (the cellular version) in grey or (graphite)
    128gb (that's all they offer at the moment) mostly for Minecraft.
    But I do wish there was a way to play Skyrim as well. Is that at all
    Possible? Can I download it from Steam or no??? Thnx Again.

  3. Ashu Kemla

    Hi. I’m Ashu from India. I just got iPad Air 4. As, it has the same chassis, it has flex & it bends, it really does, even at slight pressure (when noticed carefully). I requested a replacement & that would be delivered next month. I’m too worried. I haven’t seen anything so expensive & so flimsy (I mean it, I didn’t expect that cz I already own an iPad Mini & that is really tough). But this new Air has too much flex in it. By any chance if you haven’t noticed it yet, take a look from sides like you see from a gun while twisting it even at very very low force. It’s too soft.

    Please let me know about your take on this (in-detail if possible cz I m really really worried) ?

  4. Alfred Everything

    I am also willing to upgrade from my iPad Air, but gen 2 (From 2016, I think.) I think that this 11 inch model will be easier for people like me to comfortably move from a 9.7 inch display like the iPad airs to a much more powerful system with better cameras and graphics and lidar and 120hz and thinner bezels and thinner design and better display and better cpu and better gpu and intensively much more power profusely.

  5. Awang Budiman

    I thought the 128 gb was not enough, until I checked my ipad air 2's storage which was 64 gb (back when 128 was the highest) and I still have lots of storage unused on it. What sold me about the ipad pro is its amazingly low latency with the Apple Pencil. I'm glad that the ipad air 2 sucks when it comes to using any sort of stylus (the display technology made it hard for a stylus to work properly), so now I have a reason to upgrade to the ipad pro. Gonna be using it for work, studying and watching Youtube and Netflix. If i'm not happy with the 128gb I'll just sell it a bit cheaper and use the money to buy the 256 or 512gb.

  6. Shane Dwyer

    I have just ordered mine, and coincidentally I am also upgrading from my 1st gen iPad Air. What games do you recommend to show it off? No 1st person shooters.

  7. Hango Lala

    Should I get the mini or this for gaming and multitasking?Also,if I can't afford the pro should I wait for the iPad mini 6th gen?
    Nice video btw 👍

  8. ZEROKOOL-20

    Im still using my ipad mini 2/3 dont remember. and I'll be updating some time this year to the 11 inch ipad pro… Just waiting because i feel like there a new ipad coming out this late this year.

  9. Earle Greene

    Great review. I would agree, coming from a 7-year old iPad Air, it was definitely time for you to upgrade and you more than got your money's worth out of your iPad Air. I currently have the latest generation iPad Mini, as I prefer the small form factor for a tablet, especially when I travel. However, there are times when I miss my 2016 9.7 inch iPad Pro's larger real estate. During these times of forced isolation, I find myself looking for new things to do, and gaming is one of them. I was never much of a gamer before, but after trying out some new games on my iPad Mini, I can see how having more screen real estate for this would be better, even though gaming on the iPad Mini isn't a bad experience overall. I think if I were to get a larger iPad for gaming, I would go for the 2018 Pro model instead of the 2020 model, because Apple is giving some really good prices on those in their refurbished store. For example, you can get a 2018 11-inch refurbished model with 512 gb of RAM for less than a brand new 2020 with 256 gb.

  10. rugger8136

    I have the 2018 model, I cracked my screen and my insurance provider does not have any replacement units so they are giving me a check to cover a replacement. This is really the only reason I am upgrading to the new model. I have the 64g version, so it will be nice to have the 128g of space especially since I do use it for video editing and gaming.

  11. J Fitzpatrick

    Essentially, compared to 2018 model, all one is buying for $800 is "higher tech" camera.
    How about testing camera picture & video performance while 1) walking in the park, 2) riding a bike in the park??

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