Why iOS Is Better Than Android

The iOS vs Android debate has been ongoing ever since the platforms were created over a decade ago. And since this channel is called Apple Explained and I love Apple products we’re going to talk about why iOS is better than Android. But I do want to preface this entire video by saying I don’t hate Android, I truly believe both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. And the decision regarding which one is best for you, is your decision to make. Everyone’s smartphone needs are different. And therefore no one can say that one platform is objectively better than the other, but I do think it’s fair to point out the specific strengths that iOS has over Android. And don’t worry Android fans I will release a video titled “Why Android Is Better than iOS,” it’s just not going this video. So please still leave a like, and please still subscribe with the bell notification to be notified when that Android video is released.

48 Replies to “Why iOS Is Better Than Android”

  1. Koch Gergely

    Wait a minute… but an everysay user does not need really fast system! Tehey need it for calls, messages, basic games! And its more expensive then android, ok it’s easyer to use, but you don’t have open source apps. Actually i bought my phone for 280$ and it’s faster than the 400$ iphone SE. And apple has like 50 least apps than the android play store!

  2. Laur Barbu

    Hmm i don't think ios is better then android because..i need to say two phones for know who is better:rog phone 3 and samsung galaxy s20 ultra 16 gb ram:/

  3. 0mnibus

    Just enough? "Ecosystem"? It is very little, not enough. There is something else in the case of Apple. About fashion. Which passes over time… Because Samsung got along with Microsoft and integrates its Samsung Galaxy (smartphones, tablets) with Windows.

  4. Spider Barnett

    iOS is better than Android, iOS is for people who like to be told what to do 64gb of internal storage for 500 quid and no micro SD option,Apple people are sad deluded sucker's

  5. Mary Saotome

    Im an ios user and i also like android although the people that use them no. They will hate everything that apples makes without actually using it just like what happened with the 828p display on the xr they kept on mocking it and when it was actually compared to a 1080p android screen everything was just better on the xr and they kept on making many excuses lol.

  6. KIM SHI

    Apple should have a setting called IOS simple. It would basically look just like Apple car play. I think that would be great for older people.

  7. CapTalks

    I recently switched back to Apple with the 11 Pro after 9 years with android. I love the choice I made already. I'd also like to mention that the marketing campaigns that Samsung has done to attack Apple, yet Apple doesn't really fight back with their own, says a lot about the battle. "Take your shots, I dare you. We'll still be doing our own thing whether yall like it or not."

  8. Patrik Kostka

    i call you sheep not because you have apple product, but because you are talking the same shit as everyone else.. You don't understand tech, you have apple products, thats okay, i get it. BUT why make a stupid " tech " video about differences between ios and android when every single word what you said its just lie ? You even don't know that you are lying, because you have no enough informations for understanding that. If you have time, read my comments and you will learn something new.. something, what open your eyes.

  9. Patrik Kostka

    how long are you using your iphone ? 2 years of updates are not enough ? Yea it can happen the same as updates on iphone 6/6s and apple still has to pay millions of dolars for slowing down the processor.. nice one man.. enjoy your updates on old devices.

  10. Patrik Kostka

    Ios devices outperform android devices every time ? Yea i can see now, that you are not a tech guy.. You are comparing ios and Android on some benchmark ???? different OS, different brand of cpu and benchmark will show you what is better right ? GEEKBENCH IS TOTALLY MAXIMUM DIFFERENT ON BOTH PLATFORMS ! IPHONE 5 ON GEEKBENCH OUTPERFORM MY RTX 3080 AND I9 9900K !!!!> its geekbench , ios devices has 5x better score as any other device.Try the same on Antutu. Iphone 12 pro cant beat the 2019 phones.. So ? Benchmark is not showing the real power.. only if u compare ios to ios ad Android to Android.

  11. Patrik Kostka

    ios is simple ? Mum bought an iphone year ago, she was texting me every day and asking for help.. same for many people from family, who switched to iphone. They were very frustrated and they just dont understand, how it works.. They needed some password to install te apps, !!! Password for everything. can't download music, movies, videos, cant do shit. cant even change camera settings, because they are somwhere in the system. Iphone is everything, but not fast and simple. Who used some Oneplus phone have to understand, what is fast and simple

  12. Dyski

    With Android i feel someone somewhere is watching what i am doing on my phone. Also the App store is full of fake apps. I dont see any security in Android devices.

  13. True Bower

    Having use both iPhone and Android phones I prefer android it’s about the customization and all I can do with that phone download rams it’s awesome

  14. Mr Anonymous

    Why didn't you include The latest iPhone 12 pro…. Costing nearly $1500 … While net costs of all accessories are nearly $400 …. Huh?? Go tear down your money … Would be better

  15. Mr Anonymous

    Literally If i have an iPhone… Means I'm so rich i can pay for each n every app i install???!!!!! Huh?

    One day everyone would know Android is Far better than F.. Apple

  16. rheys

    This guy is correct i was one die hard android user for a very long time… i even try so many android phone brans Samsung LG Sony blackberry htc nokia, samsung (note)was i could say better compare to other android but last year i made my switch iphone and i like it thou i have to mention my first iphone was the iphone 5s i used it only like 6 months and go back to android… thou i am tempted again to go back to note series (note 20 ultra) but for now im fine with my iphone… one thing to point out i notice the quality of apps in ios work well compare to android based on my experience….


    i just switched last year i love ios it works so good yet it has no bloatware it always delivers faster hardware with their releases i love it and also its much faster while samsung or any other android takes 1 minute to load their apps i love iphone its the best

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