27 Replies to “Why iPhone is Better than Android – Neil deGrasse Tyson”

  1. CallMeStaTz

    I dislike how everyone is arguing and being immature. Like holy shot just calm down respect others opinions and move the fuck on if you have time to sit here and lost reasons why your phones better than someone else’s then you have a problem. If you like iPhones that’s great I prefer apple, if you like androids good for you. But just shut the fuck up and it’s primarily the android users causing all this shit just shut the fuck up big deal an iPhone is more expensive that’s all I have to say

  2. The other Dave

    Ah 15 seconds isnt that big deal to me. I like the ability's android devices have vs the apple products. Just easier for me to use. Then again im not addicted to tech.

  3. Hydraz

    jeez android users are so fucking toxic and defensive. quit crying that you cant afford an iphone and keep thinking your phones are best

  4. BenJamin Debruyn

    Dude iPhone sucks so much, first of all, it cannot be rooted unless jailbroken. Second it’s all about that dumb stupid fashion -leaning against the wall scrolling through insta. Third, the developers of Apple literally slow down your IPhone when it goes outta date so you personally have to spend another freaking expensive 300-400$ new iPhone. Fourth, they litterly have to make the screens breakable and pure glass so u have to go buy another phone after dropping it over 5 times, now the newest IPhone X has glass on the back of it so it’ll have a better chance of cracking and twice as expensive when being repaired. Last but not least, mainly all the “popular” kids at school use them to look cool and they waste money that they don’t have on something that’s so addictive when you can simply buy a good phone they doesn’t slow down at the age of 10 called “android”. The iPhones now a day are outrageously expensive just for the cool image of “You don’t look bad” or “oh your cool because u have the new iPhone”, the only good thing about the IPhone is that it’s durable and has good security because of its software and the way how the apps on the App Store don’t get access through out ur whole idevice. Let me repeat this one more time… THE IPHONE SUCKS. Have a nice day, and no I do not care if this offends you.

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