Why iPhone's iOS is Better Than Android?

Why iPhone’s iOS is Better Than Android?

Hey #TechGang
In this video, I am talking about iOS. Well, Many of you asked me why iPhone iOS is secure? What is the Apple ecosystem, What makes ios smooth, Why android can’t match iOS performance? and more.

Similarly, I will make a video! How Android is better than iOS!

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35 Replies to “Why iPhone's iOS is Better Than Android?”

  1. Aliakbar Peerkhanji

    The idea that IOS is more secure than android is because Android is open source os and IOS is closed source os is baseless maybe it is an indirect reason but not direct reason let's take an example windows os is closed source os and Linux OS is open source os but still Linux has less viruses as compared to Windows the reason is windows has larger user base than Linux that's why hackers/attackers target windows for their hacking attacks same apply to Android it has larger user base that's why hackers target android for their hacking attacks that doesn't mean that Android is open source so it is less secure than IOS

  2. Shahzeb Khurram

    facetime feature smjh n aya kindly anyone explain it ?is videocall result is better than android?I am going to but iphone 7plus plz anyone suggest iphone or oppo?videocall ks m zyda acha hta

  3. Monu Rajput

    @3:30 wtf are you saying that…"android 4000mah battery waala Ek din nahi nikaal paata hai" ..do u know most android phones with 3500-4000 mah battery can last upto 2 days?? Why u giving fake information to normal people??

    Ofcourse a 1000 dollar 11 pro max could last 1 and half day so what…a 300 dollar 4000-5000mah android phone can last that long too.

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