Why Samsung Had to Delay the Galaxy Fold

Apr.22 — Samsung Electronics Co. on Monday delayed the release of its $1,980 Galaxy Fold smartphone after problems were discovered with the review models. Ryan Reith, program vice president for IDC’s Mobile Device Tracker suite, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman discuss on “Bloomberg Technology.”

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    This phone has 12 gb ram and a 20 hour battery life as each side has a battery. This is a $2000 phone, so idk what they mean by not advanced; I’ve never seen a phone that powerful and no tablets that powerful…

  2. Android

    A stupid panel of stupid people saying stupid things.. what a circus of broadcast pros and tech experts. Ignorance is regrettable, idiocy is sad, arrogance is pathetic.

  3. Matteo Sulis

    It looks to me that a lot of tech journalists just went for the spotlight with this kind of superficial criticism about an completely new product.

    "for that kind of money you could get a phone and a tablet" are you kidding me? The potential customer of this thing is a person which does not want a phone AND a tablet!

  4. Christopher Finn

    It's kind of a niche product, truth be TOLD
    Could be for great for a guy named LEOPOLD
    They could have made one that ROLLED
    This is really the kind you FOLD
    This video is going to be heavily TROLLED
    How many negative comments did you see when you SCROLLED?
    Before they put out this phone more people should have been POLLED
    That way their mistake possibly could have been CONTROLLED
    Their research and development department needs to be PATROLLED
    This is one phone whose virtues probably won't be too EXTOLLED
    For now they just need to put the whole project on HOLD
    But still stick with it because the other form factor is just getting OLD
    Somewhere in their ranks are people Samsung needs to SCOLD
    It could have been pure GOLD
    They released it too soon and were just too BOLD
    What should have been hot ended up being COLD
    It's probably just a rumor but I heard some of the units even smelled like MOLD
    Something that hasn't been properly tested just flat-out should not be SOLD
    If they had only just worked on it a little bit longer it could have really been the most wonderous technological beauty to BEHOLD

  5. Ladislav Josephs

    So, you idioto remove protective shield which is part of the display and then you blame Samsung? I am sure you struggled removing the shield, it’s not the same as protective, thin film. Samsung has tested the foldable folding it 200 thousand times and didn’t find any problems. Someone also reported dirt sneaking somehow in to the device. Well, there are moving parts and you have to be careful, keep it away from dirt, namely sand. I am willing to blame the users, not Samsung. I find it strange, you broke the foldable and now saying how many great products you can get from Apple for the same money. Very strange.

  6. The View From The South

    Definitely a big no no. Imagine you are a parent. Your 2 year old is playing with the phone without you knowing and the screen is starting to crack into smaller pieces…that’s just has bad written all over it. I smell potential lawsuits. They better put in a recall for these phones and reimburse their customers. Unfortunately I knew this was going to happen. “My Mama taught me common sense.”

  7. Rupesh Malla

    People …Samsung is trying to innovate the boring phones which have been stagnant from first iphone ….please show some mercy for the engineers who worked hard for making this product mistakes do happen .. Have mercy on samsung

  8. Tom Athanasopoulos

    These guys need to stick to what they now and it's not technology. If they watched any new technology advance it went through the same stages hardware/software especially if it was groundbreaking. And yes they were sold to the public and people knew what they were buying.

  9. China FAIL

    Its a luxury device stupid Mark!

    Which part of luxury you don't understand?

    This luxury device is mainly targeting the rich and definitely not suited for peasants with filthy mouth and hands of yours !!

    I would be surprised cheap penny pinching likes of you could even score a proper date you cheap prick pfffttt!

  10. keepleft

    Absolute shit reporting. Why not mention that the film is meant to not be removed. Sure its still stupid as heck.

    But why make it seem like "oh i removed this and its the same film as other phones." No its not. Its a special film. A stupid special film.

  11. Thomas

    apple cant even make working keyboards on their macbooks.
    how can you expect samsung to make perfect working foldable displays?

  12. R B Enterprises

    Samsung didn't rush this as these so called "experts" are implying, samsung has been working on this for 8 years and this was their 1st gen device. Of course it's not gonna be perfect and there will be improvements. Iam not a samsung fanboy but I really like the new tech that companies are putting out and taking big risks doing so.

  13. Jean Seb Astienback

    That fat guy has just heard someone suggesting NOT to peel the plastic cover… but he did it! Whenever you peel the plastic cover strongly glued upon the screen, you shear the 2-part phone apart, destroying the critical middle interstice mechanically! It's basic physics of multi-layered surfaces! In other words, you damage physically the device. For insurance companies and lawyers, you broke the warranty doing so!

  14. Keep Going

    Let me guess everyone in the panel is apple dick riders foh stop hating except the fact that Samsung is more creative then apple boring asses…

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