Why Samsung lets Huawei win

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Samsung’s phone sales are dropping. But I think this is all part of a greater plan by Samsung (The Story Behind – Ep. 38)


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49 Replies to “Why Samsung lets Huawei win”

  1. Drake Park

    Korean feel so disgusted when they get involved or compared with chinese. chinese cant do nothing but stealing or copying hawei is a typical chinese company that has grown from hacking and stealing other companies tech including samsung. basically you have no idea how much china is copying Korea without shame and guilt in many categories lol they are nothing but cockcroaches who have inferiority complex towards Korean. so much for inferiors who have always been conquered massacred and raped through history by northern superiors chinese have had many masters so far

  2. Gp Rain

    Made In China 2025. Moving Semiconductor industries to China. Oh no… What will happen to semiconductor companies in other asian countries.

  3. Yys Yssyss

    *** Excellent by you to have texted too, that is very good and generous, even if you NOT have a bad voice or pronounciation *****. There is people who not have 100% hearing, so good way to think about them too. ###And specially for those who talk like if they were eating at the same time###.

  4. Don DoDat

    You need to adapt or you will be out. Ex :Nokia , you know what I mean ?
    Apple looks like the next Nokia out. Apple has no innovations , and now is getting in the areas that have no business getting into. Huawei will teach apple a good lesson.

  5. Mathieu Yelle

    I don't have earphones so can't listen to this on bus….but, my take is Samsung is unable to compete with cheap Chinese labour in a massive economy of driven committed workers. Especially not when Huawei gets subsidized. So they are opting to control the technologies those manufacturers rely on while offering their own premium flagships for those with more money to spend. So far they dominate display tech, battery tech (incorporating graphene), flash memory tech, and are even gunning for chipset with Exynos

  6. wildrealms

    I knew that Huawei will pull-down Samsung in the near future 🙂 and it's happening now 🙂 and Samsung prepared their excuses… the question is… who will pull-down Huawei later on???

  7. Francisco hernandez

    What I like to see is a new phone in two or three year not every year why because I don't see the difference between s8 or s9 yeah better battery and camera nothing really more. I just want a phone that is good and different then last model

  8. Yeadeh Amazing

    I Can't wait the day iphone will finally get out the Funeral home have her burial. My wish please buried her in gold and fine
    Lining. The innocent blood precious metals is finally been hear bu the most high.

  9. AsellusPrimus

    The ironic thing is that when smartphones finally became GOOD products across the board, people stopped needing to replace them so much and thus business is going downward. Personally I think smartphones from about 2014 and earlier were mostly garbage, trying to accomplish a lot but just being mediocre at everything. I used to see people get a new phone every year or two because their phones would become pretty much unusable by then. Now almost all my friends are still using an S7 three years after its release (and I just bought a refurbed one) because there isn't much difference between it and the phones that have come out since.

  10. Helmholtz the Mule Watson

    I think the reality is this, you can only innovate so much before you reach a point where you are just reaching. The smartphone market has matured to the point were their really isnt much more to do without going outside the box with an entirely new and niche product, and the market has strongly rejected this in favor of familiar products. The fact all that those "innovation" you listed all gimmicks or just branding of updated tech slapped onto a slab phones that look and function just like any other made in last 5 years says it all. OMG is that a "mechanical camera" oh no it's a "triple camera" is that phone using "HD turboboost 1" I so need that XD

  11. Fede Rico

    I think is video has been proved wrong by none other than the giant himself…Samsung.
    They released the S10 line which is booming and is being described as the best phones by the literally every tech youtuber.

  12. camtwan1

    Maybe because these companies are so fucking lazy all they do 0 R&D and just put together shit phones every year. Not to mention they just stay on Android which is a terrrible OS and shows 0 effort

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