Why xiaomi left Android one program ?? Why no mi A4 ? 😣😭

Why xiaomi left Android one program ?? Why no mi A4? 😣😭

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Why xiaomi left Android one program ?
Xiaomi Android one program
Mi a3
No mi A4
Why no mi A4?
Mi a4

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11 Replies to “Why xiaomi left Android one program ?? Why no mi A4 ? 😣😭”

  1. Arun Chandra

    I purchased Redmi Note 9, I am so mad why there is no idea of buying MiA3 to my mind, i honestly forgot a series having Android one. Otherwise I'll Purchase A3 definitely instead of Redmi Note 9.
    I lost Android One due to my mistake


    I never thought A series would stop so early. A series was a very good series for CAMERA Department. I never thought this, let anything happen, My MI A3 is the best phone still for meπŸ€—πŸ€—. Love u bhai πŸ™πŸ€

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