Why you NEED AirPods for your new Apple Watch

The Apple Watch and AirPods are undoubtedly two of Apple’s best devices ever, but when you combine them, they both reach their full potential. Watch to find out why!

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36 Replies to “Why you NEED AirPods for your new Apple Watch”

  1. Thizlam

    Or you could get any Bluetooth headphones that sound much better than the $80 air pods. They don’t even stay in your ear that well.

  2. Kams

    I am planning to get the Apple Watch but want to know if I can use existing wireless earbuds with the device not AirPods.

  3. Gianni Nguyen

    How to turn volume up and down when using AirPod with Apple Watch while in the phone call? If you can please show me. I’m really don’t know how and really mad cuz can’t hear louder when in a phone call using those. Thanks

  4. Barack Blows

    You can play music and videos on your iPhone using wired headphones and control them with the watch. You don’t need expensive AirPods with another battery to maintain.⌚️

  5. Ziyad Malibari

    I think this is Misleading!!!

    Beats X and beats studio 3 wireless both have apple W1 chip which is similar to the one in AirPod. Meaning Both can fit to apple ecosystem and automatically pair to other apple devices with the same iCloud account

  6. Youtube Channel

    My AirPods are out of warranty and one side I significantly quieter than the other, granted they are over 2 years old now. Hopefully, the next gen AirPods are a lot more durable and block out a bit more noise. The AirPods are possibly one of my best purchases in a while, they've really become essential for me. Music is so important to me.

  7. yan.zarecki

    Добрый день! Подскажите пожалуйста, а как посмотреть информацию о заряде наушников по-отдельности и кейса на Apple Watch 4?

  8. Jason Green

    It can play music through its speaker, Apple just chooses to not allow it. Siri uses speaker. Talking on phone uses speakers. Want to play music now all of a sudden you need bluetooth headphones…. so annoying.

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