Why YOU NEED an iPhone (Bye Bye Android)

This video is about why you need an iPhone instead of your Android device.

Android is definitely not a bad software but it doesn’t come even close to the iPhone with iOS. iOS has so many awesome features and simply works so smoothly. The iPhone is so simple to use, iCloud is awesome, the App Store is unbeatable, beautiful hardware, iMessage, FaceTime and more.

The Apple ecosystem is simply unbeatable.

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43 Replies to “Why YOU NEED an iPhone (Bye Bye Android)”

  1. Ever Note

    @Apple World, good job Editing the video, also i think that You did not rely on real needs of a user, of course if we did not mention the aspect of security as you did. I think you directed the video more to the improvements (which I think are minimal) that the IOS system has compared to Android.

  2. Aca Faca

    Complicated ports (not Standards like the Rest of the World), no widgets, no lanchers, no ROMs, not customizable, poor battery life on All iPhones, Complicated data transfer, no Real Bluetooth, slow charger, Bad conectivity, need to buy adapters, high price, expensive parts and reparations, one Word – the jail! No thanks

  3. Andrius Rodovičius

    What are you talking about. Nobody use that imessenger execept north Americans. In Europe we use messenger, viber and others and their products comparable with PC. Pixel phones maybe is good device, but where is better options. Who care about resale value then you dropped 1000€ or more for the toy which you'll throw away after 2-3 years. By the way ios gives updates for 4-5 years android for 2-3 but devices useable for 3 years if you will be lucky. I don't understand that an idiot can buy used phones if you'll for 100€ or less, can take device with 2 years warranty from your operator.

  4. Ricardo Barbosa

    Spoiler alert in the end?:

    I'm an android user and someday I will buy an iPhone when the price comes down ? is too much for now, but apple is becoming good in a way , if your family or friends use iPhones or android and operating system that they choose that works better them or simply they do not want to know and simply want a phone that the price is good but of course if they have an iPhone that iPhone cloud last more than an android
    And again:
    Why I need an iPhone ? Because is better!
    Why I need an android? Because is also better!
    It depends of price and region
    Apple works very well in some countries because there's more people that are using and probably have better price
    And Android is cheaper and also becoming more expensive too

    If you have an iPhone you also have access to Google apps as well and this is a combo

  5. Aasim Khan

    iPhone build quality is poor , if you drop than it screen or back glass might break. And you have high price to pay for that. I have android phone which is falls down but didn't break. Build quality nice..

    And today android software quality has improved similar to iphone…. Android is better than iphone.

  6. Just n1n

    Why would you go to a fix store if it breaks your warenty, oh with android phones you may not void your warranty if you go to a fix shop but with an iphone you always will, wow, ( thats why theres a need for an apple store)

  7. Harry Tran

    If you were stripped away an " ecosystem " on the Apple products. Tell me why Chineses already ditching an iPhone in ?????? to Huawei, Oppo, ZTE, etc ? No one telling people what to buy ? Most of the iPhone users ditching they iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10 E, S10, S10 +. Also tell me why iTune on the Android phones ?

  8. 優しいアンドリュー

    To think how much you can spend to invest on an apple ecosystem. Is it worth it? Maybe. For people with money. Android ecosystem can be a fraction of a cost than with Apple. Think about how your wallet or kidney would feel with investing in Apple.

  9. 優しいアンドリュー

    You can say iphone is for simple people because it just works. Android is for for most nerds you can tinker with. On Android you can get custom ROMs that built a community around a certain device for Nerds. On iPhone you are forced to get use to the changes that they push on an Update. You won't have your own identity with an iPhone because they all look alike. Simple.

  10. Stefan

    1) smooth maybe but latest android phones are so good, there's really no difference.
    2) hmm, so customization is a bad things? maybe 1000 dollars price tag is a good thing too, it means premium and luxury.
    3) Pixel get the free and fastest update just as iphone.
    4) Apple have icloud; and android have google drive. And actually android users don't need cloud service, plug a usb wire and everything can transfer directly to PC. Or just save your photos on the SDCard, and switch the SDCard to the new phones when you change cellphone.
    5) apple store and apps better? maybe. Google store have more variety of apps, for free.
    6) it's really hard to find a ugly flagships those days, Pixel 3 is a very rare example.
    7) only Americans use iMessage; other parts of the world use Whatsapp, even on iphones.
    8) Hangouts again is the worst type of example to compare, it's so bad that no body use and google will just fold it. Try Whatsapp.
    9) airpod was amazing 3yrs ago, now every wireless headphones are like that. Of cos they're copying (stealing from) Apple.
    10) For maintenance, Apple has the worst waiting time, period.

  11. petar gemovic

    Im switching from android i have been on it sjnce the s3 all Samsung phones but atm i have a honor 8x as my S8 fucked up. Im changing for nearly all if not all the reasons you listed and then about 10 more on top. Ios and apple is hands down better, but for me, its the privacy i want most and quality of experience with the phone day in day out. And android cant even come close.

  12. Dennis Barros

    I just came back to IPhone after 6 years of Android. I don’t think Android is complicated at all. You just have more options. I think IPhone is a little too simple sometimes. I want to atleast have more wallpaper options and the ability to move my apps in whatever way I want to. Other than the lack of customization , I’m loving the iPhone XR. It’s fun and smooth!

  13. A. B

    What is Apple without Samsung?

    No Display
    No Memory

    You need to be medicated you are totally brainwashed!!

  14. Ross Antonio Banayo

    No thanks. and by the way, its based on personal preference. and you dont need to tell anyone why they should get an iPhone, or an android phone for that matter. I had 2 iPhones before, currently have an iPad, but I still go back to android. I got bored with the iPhone. Android also has their own ecosystem. not as well integrated between devices as iOS but it does the job. And who are you to tell me what I need? Peace

  15. Dhafer Ben Mimoun

    If you are not stuck in the iOS ecosystem. iPhone is way over priced for what it offers, a smooth experience.
    Samsung and other android phones look way better now.
    The average user is not a simpleton that needs you to hold his hand. We are not all grandmothers
    The average user dose not own an ipad, an imac and an apple tv so all the airdrop and the link between your i devices are non existent more on that note the average user do not use iMessage because most of his contacts are not iPhone users .
    iCloud is a joke you have to pay for storage while you can just use google photos for free.
    An Appstore that has more is a bad thing ? The average user can decide and cherry pick the good ones.
    Updates are good and frequent on the iPhone ( thats actually a big deal )but they just try and get to the android experience slowly each year.

    I'm an iphone user for a long time but I'm switching to Android soon if the next iPhone coming out this year is just a more expensive version of the sameshit .

  16. Stelios P

    Just 2 things:1)The only reason to pick iPhones is the fluidity and nice animations.2)Every other reason you brought up is just non existent or there is an alternative on android.I'm thinking about trying xs max just for the sake of it and the fluidity of gestures.There is nothing more iPhone can offer that Samsung especially cant.

  17. Aditya Joshi

    What exactly is complex about android? Can someone please let me know?.. I have more than 95% of my friends use android and I have never heard this opinion.

  18. Huba Ahmed

    If you get tired of it you can kindly send it to me. I really need a phone to help me in bringing development in my community and my studies. I'm in Africa

  19. Its all Gucci Rahhh

    I have both and tbh I use my iPhone more for day to day things texting, photos etc. Plus handoff between my Mac and airdropping also works pretty well but not always how I’d like it. Plus Bluetooth devices like my beats or my speakers seem to connect a lot faster and usually do it by themselves whereas android is a little bit more of a task to pair. Android has its pluses tho. Longer battery life means I always have a spare phone when my iPhone dies, which is quite often. And some apps do work better on android and rooting is a lot easier than jailbreaking. Also customising the OS is easier. For day to day things pick an iPhone the os is just a lot more seamless and nicer to navigate. If you like playing games, cheating in games, modded apis and more technical things get an android. In my opinion you can get both tho. You can still get decent androids phones for under £200 and they will sort you for anything your iPhone can’t do.

  20. Jeff Bollinger Jr

    These reasons are just weak and highly bias. iOS users always say updates are plentiful and a ton of new features? Give be a break, Android also updates yearly for a major update and monthly updates that are security updates. Yes they don't get updates longer than 2-3 years but even with all those updates iOS still is way behind in functionality and useful features, so just maybe those updates are not very meaningful. I like iPhone but until they get some customization on the home screen, better notifications it's just so bad right now and maybe a few other things like t9 dialing on the dialer. Just so much missing. Trust me, if you used an Android for as long as you used iPhone you would realize how many great things there are that make something like smooth animations something that doesn't matter

  21. MaiKai Makena

    I switched to IOS from the Note 9 because of the apps and the simplicity of the ecosystem. Can the Note 9 do a lot of awesome things yes but I got tired ? of not having a solid ecosystem.

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