WiFi Not Working on iPhone Running iOS 12 [Quick Fixes]

Is your WiFi not working on iPhone XS, XS Max or older iPhone? Watch this video to fix WiFi connecting issues on your iOS 12 device.

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Force Reboot your iPhone:

How to Change DNS on Your iPhone Easily

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35 Replies to “WiFi Not Working on iPhone Running iOS 12 [Quick Fixes]”

  1. twice beeboo

    hi! uhm, can please someone help me? so basically my wifi is greyed out then when i restart it its still greyed out after restarting more than 8 times the wifi goes back so i choose our wifi network then put the password after 3 minutes it disconnected and my wifi network wont show up. then i restart is hoping that my network would show up but it came back from being greyed out. PLEASE HELP MEEE this is Iphone 6 Plus IOS 12.2 btw

  2. Dinesh Kumar

    Bro whenever I touch Wi-Fi to switch on, Wi-Fi connection symbol is continuously loading only, its not connect. I mean this tick √ symbol area,this one I am telling you the above mentioned line –> Continuously loading symbol.
    Please tell me to solve my wifi issue.
    I am using iPhone 7+ iOS 12

  3. Aidan Parise

    I love you I was gonna kill myself if my wifi wouldn’t work any longer I did the thingy where u turn it off and then wait and then turn it back on thanks man

  4. Björn Wäring

    Nothing of this works for me. On my IPhone 7 the WiFi disconnects and sometimes I must reconnect with password. In the family we have three IPhone and one iPad and the other devices don’t have this problem.

  5. Sasa DM

    My iPhone disconnect from wifi when i locked my iPhone 6s Plus so I can't receive any WhatsApp messages or notifications and i have to unlocked my iPhone and the wifi reconnect again automatically can you help me with problem and thanks ?

  6. TomCatGaming15

    To Make wifi faster on ios 12
    All You Have To do is
    Reset Your Network
    And Then Choose Any Wifi that you could use in any houses before you upgraded to ios 11 into ios 12
    Here's Before And After wifi is slower or faster in ios 12
    Before Wifi is Slower in ios 12
    And After wifi is faster in ios 12

  7. Squidy Manolooo

    I have iOS 12.1 and i cant even connect to my school Wi-Fi because i dont have a license or something, i put the right user and password and just says enalable to connect. Can u help me?


    Any ideas how to fix an iPad 2017, WiFi keeps dropping could be anytime after hours of use, either I have to wait 30mins/1hr for it to come back or reset my router. Changed the router settings, but nothing seems to work. I had the same issue with my iPad mini 2. Many people have the same problem.

  9. stok3d99

    I have a question..If I visit a city about 1 hour from mine, and stay for 4-5 hours, visiting just one or two places, should this be logged in location services EVERY time? Is there a chance that it might not be? I think my son is lying about where he went because he said he went to a city an hour away, however it appears nowhere in his location services..Help?

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