WISH APP || Tips & Tricks + How to get FREE STUFF

Is Wish a scam? Do you want to know how to get free stuff on Wish? I’m sharing all my tips and tricks for the Wish app. And if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe!

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25 Replies to “WISH APP || Tips & Tricks + How to get FREE STUFF”

  1. Angi Cooper

    Another thing I forgot was that when you recieve your items, make sure you take a picture, and take a short 5 second viseo of your items. When you go to rate them indiviually, you get 10 points for "rating" then you get 20 points for loading a picture of it after you got it, and then you get like 25 points for loading a short video as well. Once that said and done, at that point, when you are ready to buy from them again, go directly to your "points" and Redeem, also Redeem the % off that it will give you from earning the points! It gets put towards the balance of your purchase. Make sure you DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR CART UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO CHECK OUT! BECAUSE….. 1st, you need to make sure you "redeem" your points before you get in there and then once you are ready to actually check out (enter promo code if you have one, they have them ALL THE TIME) and hit the X to (exit your cart) a little orange thing pops up and says "are you sure? Place order now and get another 5% off your order! QUEENWISH! lol, but seriously, I Have been doing this way too long to NOT know these things… Have fun getting around all of this stuff to get what you want as cheaply as possible or as I stated in my last comment, you will get your order for FREE!!!!!! I go through this about 3 times a week because I buy so much from Wish… Everyone have a great day! (and no I didnt spell check this comment either, deal with it lol)

  2. Angi Cooper

    You are going to LOVE THIS TIP that was missed!!! I have been using Wish since 2015. ALL of my jewelry that I purchase (that states it is S925 stamped, and comes WITHOUT the stamp, which happens about 98% of the time for me, (and I spend a good $200 a month of Wish) You just jump on your order history and go to the items that do NOT have a stamp (but the post by seller says it is) you just contact support and they refund your money asap! EX; If I spend about $50 and my things come without stamps, I usually get damn near a whole refund because they stand by their words! Even if you buy several of the same thing and they are ALL unstamped, STILL go to each item in your order history and send support a message. If it says you are "outside of your refund window" ask for mpre support and they will refund it! Also, they give you an option (sometimes) that will allow you to make the decision on whether you want "Wish Cash" or original form of payment… I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Wish lol. This is time consuming, but you get free stuff by them letting you go ahead and keep it! Clothes and other items as well. As long as you can show/tell them that something doesn't fit, or NOT as described in description, they will immediatly refund as well. That's enough for today kiddos! lol Didn't spell check, so sorry if something is misspelled or doesn't make sense.

  3. Louie Ortiz

    Your hubby better alwaays be good to you ?, and listen ive gotten all my money back from wish , but my last 6 items have been lost and never showed up

  4. Helmi Rannanpiha

    Hey I have a question! About the reviews and how many people buy the item thing..

    I'm really into some alternative fashions that are not very common in western countries, this means that no matter where I buy, there's not a lot of people buying the same stuff. You know what I mean?

    Basically, do you think I should take the risk when it's wish verified (by the blue logo), says there's mostly positive feedback, and the price isn't the iffiest thing ever… Even when there's at most "50+ people bought this" on any item that actually fits the style I'm looking for?

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