WWDC 2019 Announced! iOS 13, AirPods 2 & iPads March!

WWDC 2019, iOS 13 & AirPods 2 Hype! Apple Makes WWDC 2019 Official For June 3rd. AirPods 2 & iPads Coming March 25th! + iOS 13 Features Recap.

AirPods 2 Summary.

Last Apple Leaks.

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  1. Clement

    Few hopes for IOS 13/watchOS that I haven’t seen anywhere:
    -Siri handoff through all devices: if you say hi Siri to your Apple Watch you can ear it respond in your AirPods even if they’re connect to your IPhone playing music, pick it up on Siri on your mac do go forward with it.
    -Apple music link in the same way that Spotify is able to sync what’s playing on all devices
    -now playing on Apple Watch to include iTunes on the mac without having to lunch the remote app
    – activity app on Apple Watch to have more comprehensive stats on sports, progress in speed, distances, best times…
    -Apple Pay split bills
    -iPad Pro to finally support Apple pro apps (logic, final cut, Xcode)

  2. Sam Kent

    Is it true that every device up to the iPhone 7 won’t get IOS 13? Conflicting information everywhere on the web and no concrete answers. If so that’s a shame because I’ve had my 6s plus since it was brand new and see no reason why it can’t run IOS 13. It’s still very fast for a phone even today

  3. Jonathan Weiss

    If we're willing to be honest with ourselves — Apple would NEVER use line icons lol. It's terrible UX, and such a dramatic change that would not sit well for majority of it's user-base.

    If anything, it could be referencing Always On Display notification icons, or just a dark mode. Not new homescreen icons. Just my $0.02

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