Xcode 10 :- Most Usable Xcode Tips And Tricks in iOS Hindi.

iOS(Video) :- in this video I will teach You the tips and tricks of Xcode in Swift Hindi.

In this Channel I’ll teach most of the Objective-C And Swift iOS Programming language in Multiple videos.

Command :-
1. Track build time in Xcode
– defaults write com.apple.dt.Xcode ShowBuildOperationDuration -bool YES
 2. Use Simulator in full-screen mode with Xcode
– defaults write com.apple.iphonesimulator AllowFullscreenMode -bool YES

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8 Replies to “Xcode 10 :- Most Usable Xcode Tips And Tricks in iOS Hindi.”

  1. vivek kumar pal

    Your tutorial are too good, can you please create a Singletone class for api calling, by which we can add url end points, headers value, parameter, parameter in body, for get post put delete method.

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