Xiaomi Mi 10 Long Term Review!

This is the long- term review of the Xiaomi Mi 10. It is the latest flagship from Xiaomi for this year. It comes for a flagship price boasting flagship features like Snapdragon 865 chipset, 108MP primary camera, to name some. In this video, we have shared our long- term experiences with the Mi10.

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Starting with the design, the Mi 10 has curves both on the front and the back. The design looks premium and feels really good on the hands, heavy but good! The only things that did not sit well with the design are the Wide-angle lens is in a place that creates an obstruction while taking wide-angle shots in portrait orientation and you don’t get any kind of IP certification here.

The display on the Mi 10 is excellent as well. The colors, contrast, viewing angles, the brightness of it all do justice to the price. It is an AMOLED panel with FHD+ resolution. The display also has settings to minimize accidental settings, which is good. Overall, the display on the Mi 10 is really good, except for it not having a higher resolution like the S20+ and higher 120Hz refresh rate.

About the cameras, the primary 108MP camera is really good, in fact, it is comparable with the S20+ in many aspects. Other wide- angle pictures are better on the S20+. Portraits, however, are good on both, but S20+’s are taken with the Telephoto lens which makes it have a little more natural-looking background blur. Nighttime images with the 108MP sensor are really good too. Selfies are nice- looking too, as evident from the samples in the video.

Performance-wise, you get the Snapdragon 865 which makes it one of the fastest phones till date and it has slightly faster performance than the S20+ in areas like app opening, downloading, etc. But, it is not a secret that Samsung’s OneUI is much better than MIUI, so software-wise, the S20+ does it better.

For the battery, you get 4,780 mAh cell that is very enduring and it is supported by 30Watt wired and wireless charging.

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40 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Long Term Review!”

  1. Gerson Rendón

    Great analysis, however I should point out that the Oneplus 8 is more of a trimmed down version of the premium flagship than the Mi 10, so it's actually not surprising to see that phone coming at a lower price. Both the Mi 10 and OP8 have crappy secondary lenses, but the OP also ditched the big sensor from its bigger brother and settled with a two year old sensor used in cheaper phones; it also ditched the wireless charging completely. Either way those phones really shouldn't have been called flagships when the only real flagship level features they have is the specs sheet, their pricing should have been lower, not comparable to that of the S20🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Dipendra Nath Das

    Samsung flagship in India is nothing but Shit with it's Exynos soc. If we need any flagship Snapdragon soc's phone have to buy asus or other Chinese brand. In Mi store everything is free, while in samsung theme store 70% contain are paid also samsung theme are not system wide theming and doesn't themed 3rd party apps. I bought galaxy a70 ar rs 30,000. Amoled screen is blurry how ever same fhd amoled screen on k20 pro looks lot much sharper and punchy. After this experience now I don't believe in brand, yet flagship samsung phone has superior pannel. But in India maximum people's 1st preference is SOC and thats department in India Samsung falls flat.

  3. Nikhil Nair

    Looks like a very biased review…no price comparison is done in an apt way..specs are described as an overview…camera comparison is utter nonsense…the highs and lows are compared incorrectly…check out other reviewers for the same phone…u will understand the difference of what I just mentioned….lot of negativity in your review while it should have be technical. Not a good review…

  4. Abdulai Bah

    Chinese companies make great phones. Just wish that the CCCP govt. will leave them alone. The world needs HUawei, ZTE, Xiaomi but without some 'Central Committee' interference.


    Worst phone ever when compare to oppo, oneplus, Asus, Apple and Samsung's…. Flagship phone models…….!.
    Currently facing…. Lots of Lots of bugs in software and also heating issues in Mi 10 phones (Indian units).
    If you want proof just check verified buyer reviews about phone in Amazon…… (instead of hearing paided or sponsored reviews).

  6. Krepaa

    I tested audio side by side with the iphone 11 pro max and it was the same if not better on the xiaomi, it was deeper and louder just a bit more distortion at highest level than the iphone.

    The camera portrait blur can be set if you want more or less blur so that was a stupid remark to make, also the mi10 has natural bokeh you dont even have to use the portrait mode for those kind of shots.

    Also that video recording with 4K 60fps was BULLSHIT lmao, stabilisation is better than on the S20+. I did the same test side by side so stop making the video against the phone or pushing it down, try to atleast have the two phones on a platform not one right hand and one left hand and then move the left one way more up and down. Also the phone costs 500-550$ now in Europe.

    I agree about macro lens, and about the earphones thing.

  7. veil icarus

    When you say super amoled by TCL, I doubt your reviews because first of all, Super Amoled is a brand owned by Samsung. You just have to say Amoled by TCL.

  8. Aiden Ritchie

    People commenting this phone doesn't compare to the S20 clearly haven't ever used either. The S20 has horrible battery life, majorly tethered performance and costs a bomb. This device has great battery, fantastic performance and in some markets is priced very well (I paid just £520 compared to the S20+ £899).

  9. Ryan

    Got confused tho. Title says Long term review but why comparing to some devices? I know you based on pricing but don't get me twisted but I think you should focus on personal experience rather than comparing.

  10. Enes Sanane


    I have been wonderıng S20+ you're mentioning in this video has a Snapdragon or Exynos chip set? Because I made a bit research on internet and the results are Exynos chip set has heating problem even on usage of camera and mobile internet. I want to hear your opinion about it because I am planing to buy Mi 10 or S20+, the thing is in my country S20+ comes with Exynos chip set only and I do not want to pay for a phone that over heats whenever I use the camera. Greet review btw =).

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