Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G “Real Review” – The OnePlus 8 Killer?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G “Real Review” – The OnePlus 8 Killer?
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44 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G “Real Review” – The OnePlus 8 Killer?”

  1. e b

    You have to load microsoft edge and microsoft launcher and you will have an app drawer…thanks floss…you da boss!

  2. Ben5010

    This is the type of review that no one asked for but all needed, this is class 😂 I'll be off to buy this phone following this review.

  3. Menasin Grin

    Good review but ONE PLUS 8 PRO IS BETTER.
    quad hd
    120hz refresh rate.
    Faster processor. Snapdragon 865

    Other than s20 5g upwards. You cant get a better phone.

    For best camera Huawei p40 pro. Especially at night.

    The best 6gb ram phone. Hands down is galaxy s9 plus 128gb.
    Then they upgraded to note 9.
    For 150 pound you can get second hand note 9 or so plus. Quad hd. 128 gb 6gb ram.
    Headphone Jack
    Fast charge
    Secondhand and can still get 2 to 3 years perfect running.
    The same price as a samsung galaxy a20s or a21s.

    Just saying

  4. shu

    lol system apps updater probly had the app drawer in it to download… xiaomi is famous for that… buy the phone no app drawer… few days later you download it…. have you done the mi note 10 yet? the budget 108mp cam phone….. its gooood

  5. rsm nyc

    Anyone have issues using a Xiaomi on T-Mobile???..Should I buy??..I read in some older threads issues with reception, voicemail & text message not received due to missing some T-Mobile bands


    Thot protection is cool, but any guy who leaves his phone around a thot like that is a fool and i wouldnt be surprised if that thot steals it.

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